Opening a restaurant? Here’s how Bolt Food can help you

May 03, 2021


Opening a restaurant is no different from starting a business or testing out a new startup idea. You need to have the optimal product-market fit, be able to learn how to operate at peak efficiency, and be willing to embrace new ideas and go where the profits are! Since opening a restaurant is notoriously difficult, here are five fantastic ways that partnering with Bolt Food can help ensure long-term success for you and your business:

Reach new users

There’s nothing like the shiver that goes down your spine when you see competitors in the “restaurants near me” category packed with hungry customers while your dining room might as well have tumbleweed blowing through it because it’s so deserted!

Starting a new eatery is intimidating for even the most seasoned restaurant entrepreneur. That’s why signing up as a Bolt Food partner is an unparalleled opportunity to let the neighbourhood try you out in a low-stakes way — delivery.

It’s the most efficient way to get noticed in your area so before you know it, you’ll be the one that’s fully booked!

Boost your sales right after opening your restaurant

The mountain you’ll need to climb to grow your profits is an obstacle that you’ll need to tackle right alongside building your new base of customers. Lucky for you, that’s where Bolt Food comes in!

As a savvy restaurateur, you’re likely fully aware that delivery is a booming opportunity in the restaurant industry. Even back in 2018, 86% of consumers said they were using off-premise services like delivery or takeout at least once a month.

What’s more, 20% of customers reported spending significantly more on their off-premise orders compared to their regular dine-in experience. Delivery is way more than just a trend — it’s a movement!

Bolt Food can help you ride the wave to lasting success.

Focus on the food

Okay, let’s talk logistics. We’ve established that you’re definitely interested in bringing the delivery option to your restaurant. But have you ever managed a delivery team in-house? Gone through all the hassle of hiring delivery couriers, scheduling them for shifts, coordinating customer’s complex delivery details, and figuring out the logistics of getting all the orders delivered while the food is still warm enough for the customer to actually enjoy?

On top of the already overwhelming task of operating a restaurant, no less? Just thinking about it is enough to give you a migraine!

You want to be able to focus exclusively on the quality of your food, especially when you’re first starting out and trying to make a name for yourself. We’ve spent years perfecting our logistics platform, developing sophisticated technology, and hiring and training our couriers to provide a prompt and highly-professional service.

Delivery is our business — it’s what we do best. And by partnering with Bolt Food, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best!

Put your marketing efforts on autopilot

With all the responsibilities that come with owning, opening and operating a restaurant, it’s easy for marketing efforts to get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. And then, when business starts to slow, you’re left kicking yourself for neglecting your promotional efforts!

Bolt Food doesn’t just excel in the delivery game. Our Bolt Food mobile app is a powerful marketing platform that helps savvy restaurant owners like you get in front of thousands of hungry locals every single day!

If you’re short on time and/or the skills necessary for creating a comprehensive marketing strategy, here’s how Bolt Food can help you bring in new customers and boost your order volume:

  • Bolt Food features new and popular restaurants on its Instagram account, which attracts thousands of viewers per post;
  • As an official partner restaurant, you’ll have the option to partner with Bolt Food’s marketing team to create carousel Facebook ads that display a gallery of your most iconic and enticing dishes;
  • Bolt Food makes it super simple to create promotional campaigns (buy one, get one free) and special offers, which will get your restaurant prominently featured throughout the app, including in the wildly popular “Specials” carousel or “Food Near Me” search results;
  • In-app push notifications alert users when your restaurant is doing a limited promotion, which drives them to take immediate action;
  • Other Bolt Food marketing efforts include featuring your restaurant in weekly newsletters, social media giveaways, ad campaigns, and much more!

Gain valuable feedback

When a customer has a negative experience in your restaurant, you’ll most likely never hear about it. Instead, you’ll just never see that customer again.

With Bolt Food, we ask for feedback about the service and the quality of the food after every order, directly from the app. As an official Bolt partner, you’ll be on the receiving end of this valuable feedback so you can make necessary changes before costly mistakes start to eat away at your profits.

Want to see what partnering with Bolt Food can do for your business? Sign up today and receive 30 days of complimentary delivery, on us! Registering is completely free, and once you complete the sign-up form, a member of our team will contact you immediately to coordinate the next steps.

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