Introducing Early Cashouts for Bolt Drivers in South Africa

August 12, 2021

Early Cashout Bolt

Great news, Bolt drivers! We’ve introduced the Early Cashout feature, allowing you to access your earnings before the standard weekly payment cycle. This means you can get your money faster — whenever you need it!

Affordable payment on your terms

We appreciate that sometimes you need access to your driver earnings faster. With our new Early Cashout feature, you have the flexibility to cash out any day of the week, instead of waiting for the next payment date.

We’ve made Early Cashout as affordable as possible so that you can access your earnings as and when you need them.

We contribute towards the bank service cost on your behalf, so you pay just R3.50 instead of R15 for a cashout! 

If you request a cashout Monday – Friday, from 10:00 – 14:00, it will be processed within one hour. Requests before 10:00 are processed the same day and requests at other times (weekends and holidays) are processed the next working day.

Early cashouts are processed 24/7 and take just 5 minutes to reach you.

What’s required for a cashout?

To be eligible for Early Cashout, you need to:

  1. Have been activated on the Bolt platform for at least 2 weeks;
  2. Ensure that Bolt has your correct bank account details;
  3. Have completed 25 trips with no irregular/suspicious activity;
  4. Be using app version DI 12.0 or DA 13.0.

How do I request an Early Cashout?

Requesting a cashout is easy and takes just a few steps:

  1. Log in to your Bolt account;
  2. Go to Balances;
  3. Tap the ‘Request Cashout’ button;
  4. Confirm your cashout;
  5. Receive your cashout!

It really is as simple as that!

Log in to your Bolt account today and start getting your earnings whenever you want them with Early Cashout! And if you’re not yet driving with Bolt but want to earn on your schedule, then download the Bolt app today.


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