International Women’s Day 2021: Bolt Celebrates Women Drivers

March 04, 2021


International Women’s Day is more than just a day to celebrate the phenomenal women achieving great things around the world. For us, it’s also a chance to celebrate the fact that for thousands of women across South Africa, driving a car is not just the way to get to work– it’s the work!

In celebration of Women’s Day, we invited a few of our amazing women drivers to share their stories:

Innocent Ndlovu– 48, Mum of 5 kids.

I started driving at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, around April in 2020. I enjoy driving and wanted to earn extra cash while driving to complement my current salary. I also enjoy meeting new people. In my free time, you’ll find me spending time with my children. Driving with Bolt is fun because I like meeting new people because the things I learn from dealing with different people while driving helps me in my other job. Whether you’re unemployed or employed, join Bolt. It’ll help you in any kind of situation you may be in.

Cleopatra Sithole– 41, Proud owner of an advanced driving license

I’ve been driving with Bolt for over nine months now. In the past, I had given my car to other people to do their own things with the car and then I thought that I could use my car for my own benefit by registering to drive with Bolt. I am a real-estate agent and I like engaging with people,  sharing experiences and getting to know new places that I would otherwise not have known about before. I have been exposed to so many new places and I like that.  Driving is even better with the “Women Only” ride-type, I like it a lot! I feel safer and have more peace of mind driving women passengers.

Nomcebo Vilakazi– 37, Judge’s Secretary

It’s been over two years now since I first started driving with Bolt. Originally, I started driving because I wanted to make money for myself in a way that offered me flexibility to do other things that could help support my family. My favourite thing about driving with Bolt is the flexibility and the opportunity to meet new people. It’s empowering. I enjoy starting and contributing to good conversations. I’d like to see more women join the platform to earn extra cash because COVID-19 taught us that one income stream is never enough!

Start driving with Bolt for International Women’s Day

We sending all our love to the women drivers who use Bolt to earn a living. Thank you for everything you do, you’re the heart and soul of Bolt!

If you too wish to take control over your schedule and money and would like to join the awesome group of Bolt women drivers, you can start by filling in a short sign-up form. Once done, you’ll be driving and earning money in your city in no time!

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