How to earn extra money with a driving side hustle

March 24, 2021

Driver Side Hustle

Earning some extra cash can never hurt, but finding a part-time job that fits your schedule isn’t easy. Whether you’re a student juggling assignments or employed full-time and looking to earn extra cash at the weekends, flexibility is a must. But finding something that pays well and doesn’t take up all your free time can sometimes seem impossible.

Thanks to the internet, there are thousands of lists with the top ten side hustle ideas and bulletproof get-rich-from-home strategies for you to choose from. But the truth is that there are very few easy ways to start to build an entirely new stream of income from scratch. Otherwise, everyone would be doing it. But that doesn’t mean you should ditch the idea of a side hustle altogether.

Remember that trendy side hustles don’t last

There are plenty of short-term side hustle opportunities out there. Dropshipping fidget spinners or selling “Live, Laugh, Love” merch on Etsy will work for a while. But eventually, you’ll have to pivot to the next new thing, and the next, and the next — you get the picture.

While many live for the thrill of striking gold with the latest internet craze, there are better ways to go about finding a steady side hustle. Not everyone has that entrepreneurial spirit, especially when there are bills to be paid. If you’re looking for flexibility and stability, becoming a driver for a ride-hailing service like Bolt is one avenue worth considering (pun intended).

Luckily, driver side hustles aren’t going anywhere

The last ten years haven’t been great for traditional taxi companies. Ride-hailing services are simply too convenient for consumers and drivers to resist.

So much so, in fact, that by 2025 the market for ride-hailing services is estimated to be worth over £200 billion. This is great for people looking for affordable ways to get around and people with a driver’s license looking for a side hustle.

Not only does driving with a ride-hailing service give you flexibility but some platforms, like Bolt, offer fast payouts and plenty of extra benefits and rewards. To get the full picture of why being a driver is the ultimate side hustle in a world where convenience is king, here are three reasons why over 1.5 million people have already started their side hustle as a Bolt driver.

1. You can earn whenever you like

Everyone wants to be their own boss, and earning on your own schedule is the biggest advantage of driving with a ride-hailing app.

Ride-hailing is a 24/7 business, and drivers can pick and choose the hours they want to work. If you’re a night owl, you can squeeze in a few hours on a busy weekend. Prefer to rise and shine? Take on the morning work rush.

Not only do you get to pick the time of day you drive, but you also get to switch up your schedule and fit your earnings around everything else going on in your life.

2. Weekly cash-outs with low commission

When considering what ride-hailing platform to drive with, you want to go with a service that offers quick and easy payouts. Popular ride-hailing apps like Bolt are great for side hustling drivers because we have enough riders to keep your seats and pockets full.

Available in more than 150 cities in over 40 countries around the world, Bolt has an active user base of over 50 million riders, so we have the volume to keep you busy!

We also offer low commission fees on your rides and you’ll receive your earnings on a weekly basis.

3. New to this side hustle? No problem

As with any new activity, driving with a ride-hailing platform may seem a little nerve-wracking at first. You may be worried about dealing with new riders, or concerned that you don’t own your own car. But these aren’t deal-breakers.

Ride-hailing platforms like Bolt help newbie drivers ease into their new role with online or in-person training at a local driving hub. Not only do you get to learn the ins and outs of your new side hustle from pros, but new drivers can also choose to rent a Bolt car at a great rate to use until they’ve saved up for their own set of wheels.

Oh, and if you’re ever worried about awkward silences while driving, check out our 101 topics to talk about when driving.

Start your driver side hustle with Bolt

Besides our low commission fees and receiving all the resources you need to get started, Bolt also rewards active drivers with perks and bonuses on top of their earnings.

So, if you have a few hours to spare and are looking for a side hustle that works around your schedule, sign up as a Bolt driver and start your new side hustle as a driver today.

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