Eight reasons to love being a Bolt Food courier

November 09, 2021


Bolt Food is live in South Africa and you can sign up as a courier! Still on the fence about whether or not this will be the right fit for you? Here are eight reasons to love being a Bolt Food courier, to help you discover why this could be your perfect earning opportunity.

#1 – Earn money whenever you want

Who wouldn’t say “Yes, please!” to a little extra spending money? We live in an age where side-hustles and the gig economy are becoming a normal part of everyday life. As a Bolt Food courier, you get to decide when you go to work. 

The ability to earn extra money while retaining complete control over your schedule and priorities? It’s a completely new level of freedom!

#2 – Get paid every week

One of the less desirable aspects of a traditional job is the fact you can generally only expect a paycheck once per month. And it can take ages for side-gig clients to pay an invoice, which means you spend more time than you’d like asking for your money. 

But as a food courier with Bolt, you can count on receiving your earnings once per week, whether you clocked 40 hours or just 40 minutes. 

#3 – The only boss to answer to is yourself

Bosses, especially bad ones, are another commonly unpopular aspect of work culture. But as a Bolt Food courier, the only person who gets to tell you what to do is yourself! 

Even if you’re just looking to pick up a few extra hours in the evenings or at weekends, you get to decide when — and if — work gets done. 

#4 – No car, no problem

Not everyone has access to a car. And with Bolt Food, that’s never a problem. In fact, we prefer that couriers make use of more sustainable transportation options where and when available. 

As a Bolt Food courier, you don’t need to worry about taking time-consuming driving classes to earn your licence or worry about shouldering the expense of buying and maintaining a vehicle opting for a bike instead.

#5 – Lose the gym, stay in shape

Modern medicine has taught us that a sedentary lifestyle can be downright harmful to our health. A great way to stay young and healthy is to find a hobby that encourages you to get outside and move. 

Instead of feeling guilty for paying for that gym membership you barely use, you can get paid to get outside and stay in shape by delivering food as a bike courier. A pretty clear win-win if you ask us!

#6 – Arrive in style (and comfort)

So many jobs require us to dress up in uncomfortable, restrictive clothes. We recognise that it’s imperative for the active Bolt Food courier to wear clothes that you feel most comfortable in. 

Wear what you’re most comfortable in, but we’ll give you comfortable yet stylish outerwear to keep you protected from the elements, completely free of charge. 

#7 – We’ll set you up for success

We’ve all had jobs where you’re just dropped into the thick of it and essentially expected to figure everything out by yourself. That’s not our style. We always take the time and effort to properly onboard Bolt Food couriers. 

Our comprehensive onboarding process will teach you everything from how to navigate our mobile app to how to interact with customers. Meaning you’ll be out on the road feeling confident in no time at all! 

And if you do ever run into any problems, our dedicated Support team is always on hand to guide you to the best solution.

#8 – Getting started is quick and easy

There’s nothing like going through rounds and rounds of interviews for a job you could do in your sleep. But signing up as a Bolt Food courier in South Africa couldn’t be easier.

Simply complete the registration form and a member of our team will contact you once your application has been reviewed. Once complete, we’ll invite you to your onboarding training and have you out earning money on your time — in no time! 

Sign up as a Bolt courier today!


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