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Here’s what you can do to keep Bolt rides safe

March 29, 2021

everything you need to know about parking

Here’s how to find an ideal parking spot in Johannesburg

February 18, 2021

Bolt Valentine’s giveaway: show your love for Bheki to win a prize

February 01, 2021

personal car vs bolt

Should you ditch your personal car to save money?

December 15, 2020


Bolt 2020 in review: #LifeKeepsMoving

December 15, 2020

1200x628_how to order a bolt ride

How to order a Bolt ride? What to do if you lost an item? FAQ about the Bolt app

December 03, 2020

Rider SOS

Safer journeys — Introducing in-app Rider SOS

December 02, 2020

A Bolt ride-type for women, by women

A Bolt ride-type for women, by women

December 01, 2020

safer rides bolt

Safer journeys — before, during and after your trip

November 10, 2020