Bolt Trip Protection provides insurance for all Bolt passengers and drivers

June 12, 2020

Bolt insurance

Bolt drivers do everything within their power to keep their vehicles at optimal performance levels and drive safely, but sometimes accidents happen.

This is why we’re providing Bolt Trip Protection as support for covering unexpected and high medical treatment costs, and to provide access to emergency funds should anything go wrong.

What is Bolt Trip Protection?

Bolt Trip Protection is a no-cost, value-added insurance product that covers you in the case of an accident or unexpected incident from the time a driver accepts your trip, through to when the trip ends.

Bolt Trip Protection also offers the same cover to drivers, giving them access to the same assistance and support if they are involved in an incident or accident while using the platform.

Underwritten by Oaksure Financial Services, Bolt Trip Protection includes cover up to R50,000 for unexpected injuries, emergency medical expenses, hospital stays, and trauma counselling for up to six weeks after the incident.

It also has the extra benefits of:

  • Cover for loss of personal belongings: Up to R2,500, as determined by the rules of the policy.
  • Cover for permanent disability caused by an accident: Up to R50,000, as determined by the rules of the policy.
  • Cover for accidental death: Up to R50,000, as determined by the rules of the policy.

What do I need to do to qualify for Bolt Trip Protection?

There is no need to do anything extra. 

Bolt Trip Protection is automatically activated on every user’s profile providing cover for emergency medical expenses, permanent disability or accidental death.

How to report an insurance case?

In case of any incident, Bolt has got you covered. If you have experienced an incident that you think would be covered by Bolt Trip Protection, please contact:

Oaksure Financial Services: 

Phone Number: 087 049 2855 or 086 162 5787

Email: [email protected]

Working daily towards safer rides

The well-being and safety of Bolt drivers and passengers are our priority. In addition to working together with Oaksure Financial Services to provide coverage in case of accidents, we’ve added an SOS button to the Bolt platform for cases in which you require immediate assistance.

Should you have any more questions regarding Bolt Trip Protection, be sure to check out our FAQ pages for riders and drivers.

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