Bolt has donated €3M to NGOs supporting Ukraine so far, more to follow

March 07, 2022


In support of the people of Ukraine, Bolt will donate 5% of every order in Europe to Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

The donation will come directly from Bolt. It will not affect order prices or driver and courier earnings. However, every Bolt ride and Bolt Food delivery will have an impact on the overall amount. 

So far, Bolt has transferred €3M, with more donations to follow.

Here’s a list of some of the organisations that we’ve supported so far, how they were chosen, and insights into how the money will be used.

The Ukrainian Cultural Centre

Image source: Facebook page of the Ukrainian Cultural Centre 

The Ukrainian Cultural Centre uses donations to provide fuel, personal protection, medicine and hygiene products, food, first aid kits, etc. to volunteers and refugees both within Ukraine and on their arrival to Estonia.

Here’s how you can donate to them:

  • Account holder: MTÜ Ukraina Kultuurikeskus
  • IBAN: EE401010220229090221
  • Bank address: AS SEB Pank, Tornimäe 2, Tallinn, Estonia

The Estonian Refugee Council

Image source: Facebook page of the Estonian Refugee Council

The Estonian Refugee Council provides assistance to hospitals and transport personnel in Zaporizhzia while also mapping the needs of those in Donetsk and Luhansk.

Here’s how you can donate to them:

Donations to the organisation can be made through bank links on their website or by bank transfer to the donation accounts of the Estonian Refugee Council: 

  • EE791010220258852223 (SEB, SWIFT/BIC: EEUHEE2X);
  • EE392200221056272250 (Swedbank, SWIFT/BIC: HABAEE2X).

The Polish Red Cross

Donations to the Polish Red Cross directly cover a variety of humanitarian support needs for refugees in Ukraine and Poland. They will also help the Ukrainian Red Cross by sourcing and getting medicine into the country.

You can support the Red Cross by partnering up with them, more information on their website.

Doctors Without Borders

Image source: Doctors Without Borders home page

Doctors Without Borders uses the donation for providing emergency humanitarian aid, specifically healthcare, as well, as support to refugees. They have sent medical equipment and staff to Ukraine and are preparing humanitarian response in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Donations to the organisation can be made online.

Polish Humanitarian Action

The Polish Humanitarian Action uses the donation to buy and distribute food and hygiene kits and provide cash and psychosocial support to refugees.

There are multiple ways you can get involved in helping them, with more details on their website.


Image source: Pää 

Päästeliit uses the donation to collect and send necessary work equipment to Ukrainian firefighters, such as boots, clothes, socks, protection suits, respirators, Chemical Compound Identification kits (CAIS), helmet lamps, portable gas detectors, thermometers, and motor saws.

You can make a donation to Päästeliit via their website.

MTÜ Mondo

MTÜ Mondo uses the donation for providing humanitarian aid like food, hygiene products, medical and physiological support. They have local NGOs as partners – like Vostok SOS and People In Need – on the ground for collaboration. 

You can donate to MTÜ Mondo through their website.

Latvian Children’s Hospital

Latvian Children’s Hospital uses donations to support different children’s hospitals (like Ohmatdyt) to provide urgent medical support. They will help doctors rescue injured children, fire victims and provide help to other disaster victims.

The National Defence Promotion Foundation

The National Defence Promotion Foundation uses the donation for providing medicine, equipment, and medical help to displaced victims. They will also send an ambulance from Estonia to deliver it.

You can make a donation by calling their donation phone. By calling 900 5380 you’ll donate 5 euros, by calling  900 2380 you’ll donate 25 euros. You can also do a bank transfer to a special-purpose current account:

  • Beneficiary’s name: RIIGIKAITSE EDENDAMISE SA
  • IBAN (Swedbank): EE162200221078603616
  • Payment description: Toetus Ukrainale

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Estonia

The Ukranian Greek Catholic Church in Estonia is helping to coordinate medical aid purchase of blood bags and other hard-to-obtain medical supplies in Estonia in partnership with Confido and then transporting them into Ukraine. The donation will be used to support that cause.

Money can be donated directly to the church bank account:

  • Beneficiary’s name: Ukraina Kreeka-Katoliku Kiriku Kogudus Tallinnas
  • IBAN: EE151010052032024005
  • Payment description: annetus Ukraina abivajajatele

Besides those mentioned, Bolt has also transferred funds to the Ukrainian Ministry of Social Affairs. They will be redistributing funds to organisations in Ukraine doing their best to meet the food and accommodation needs of the refugees and citizens who have left their homes, providing them with basic necessities like clothes, shoes, medicine and helping out with one-time financial assistance.

How does Bolt choose who to support?

Since we made our initial announcement, we’ve been inundated with requests from a large number of organisations who want to help. 

Our dedicated in-house team of volunteers has vetted and validated these organisations. When selecting who to support, we:

  • Reach out to every organisation that has sent in an application directly and validate the legitimacy of their charity registration (where applicable), or validate the organisation they claim to represent;
  • Ask every organisation to give a detailed report on how the donation will be used for full transparency;
  • Find out if the organisation has the capacity to put the funds to immediate use;
  • Asked for assurance that the organisation is using the support strictly for humanitarian aid. We are not supporting military operations or providing weapons of any kind.

How to send in your application for support?

If you’re a company interested in helping us provide support or an NGO needing help, please contact us at [email protected].

Stay safe and support Ukraine! 💙💛  

The Bolt team


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