Bolt giveaway winner: now I can start growing my business!

February 14, 2020

Bolt giveaway winner: now I can start growing my business!

In December 2019, we announced a giveaway for our amazing drivers in South Africa. The prize, a brand new Toyota Corolla Prestige. The prize draw took place on the 24th of January, and now it’s time to meet the lucky winner — Paul. Read on to find out more about his awesome story.

That game-changing day

When prize draw day came around, our driver hub was buzzing with excitement. Drivers pacing up and down, hoping they were the lucky winner, everyone smiling and bantering about who will be driving home with the brand new car. As the box with the participant’s names was shaken, tension filled the air — it was that quiet, you could hear a pin drop! Everyone held their breath, so they wouldn’t miss their name being called out.

And then it happened.

“The winner is Paul Mothekwa from Johannesburg!” 

Congratulations, Paul and good luck!

Still in shock

As for what happened next, you had to be there or streaming live from Facebook to believe it! What a special moment.

After working several years for a company that builds electrical transformers and three years being a self-employed electrician, Paul decided it was time to take charge of his financial situation and save up more money for his family and his studies. While also being his own boss and setting his own schedule. So, he started driving with Bolt.

His income grew, but as he didn’t have his own car, he still needed to cover the monthly rental fees.

Paul’s wife is still in shock and can’t believe that her hard-working hubby got so lucky by simply doing something that he loves so much. Now that Paul drives his own car, combined with the lower commission, daily bonuses and a steady flow of customers, his earnings are more than enough to provide for this entire family.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, either, as now the lucky winner will be able to invest his savings into growing his business. His dream is to become a fleet owner with many cars on Bolt’s platform so he can help change someone’s life like his has changed.

Congratulations, Paul and good luck!

If this story inspired you and all you can think about now is getting out there and driving with Bolt, you can start by filling in our short sign-up form.

If you’re still doubting, maybe our 7 ways that driving with Bolt is better than a part-time job blog post might change your mind! What do you have to lose?

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