Best times to drive during New Year’s Eve festivities

December 21, 2018

New Year’s Eve is a celebration all around the world. For Taxify drivers it means an outright busiest night of the year. To make the most out of your trips that evening, it’s good to know, when will people actually be going to and coming from parties.

We looked over our data from last year and created the  graph below, This can be used as a forecast for people’s behaviour during “18 turning 19” festivities. The higher the column, the more people tap their phones to request a ride at that hour.

As you can see, the busiest time in starts in the evening at about 20:00 and ends in the early hours of the next day. Talk about festive spirit! During the time of the highest demand, the number of people requesting a ride exceeds the usual demand by more than two times. To keep you going, surge pricing may be applied in the busy areas during these crazy hours. Also, don’t forget to fuel yourself and your car up before peak times.

Quite possibly, most riders who step into your car on New Year’s Eve are in a funky and festive mood. So, some upbeat music, a few jokes and and a good attitude definitely go a long way.

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