Practical tips to make you feel safer on your Bolt ride

December 17, 2018

Every day our technology brings thousands of people together in cities all across the country. Helping people stay safe is a huge responsibility, and certainly one we do not take lightly. That’s why this December we want to help ensure that every Bolt user has peace of mind.

Here’s a snapshot of 6 practical tips to make the best out of your Bolt ride.

Stay safe before your driver arrives

Remember, you’ll be notified when your driver arrives! Rather stay inside the building or in a safe location until your driver arrives, especially at night. Waiting on the side of the road with a cellphone in your hand, or your valuables at sight can be a risk.

Double check the driver

When you are paired with a driver, you can see your driver’s photo, name, current rating, vehicle plate and model on your Bolt app. Be sure to cross check the vehicle in front of you against the one on the driver’s profile. If anything doesn’t add up, cancel the trip and immediately report it to Bolt via the in-app support tab.

Confirm your payment method

Using Bolt, you can choose between cash and card payments. Make sure you have selected the preferred payment option before requesting a ride. Remember you shouldn’t pay in cash for a card trip. The payment options can be found from the top left corner, under your profile. You can also see your chosen payment method below your ride price estimate throughout your journey.

Keep your loved ones updated

With your safety in mind, Bolt has developed a Share My ETA function that appears during the ride on the bottom of the app, right under the details of your driver. You can share your current trip details with trusted friends and family members during every ride. This makes it easier for loved ones to keep track of your journey and know when you’ve arrived to your destination.

Bolt has also partnered with Dialdirect Namola and encourages you to download the free mobile safety app. The Dialdirect Namola App has a feature called Family Safety which gives you and your loved ones the peace-of-mind to know where each other are at all times, through your real-time location.

Forgotten item(s)

Always do a quick scan of your seat and surroundings before ending your trip. Remember,  that although we are always here to help, your property is your responsibility. Check that you do not leave any belongings behind at the end of your trip.

Help others have a great ride

Wouldn’t you like other riders to have an experience as great as you did?

You can help your driver keep their car as neat as you found it.  Ensure that you leave your Bolt clean for the next rider!  Remember, your driver has only one vehicle.

Let us know

Valuing the feedback of our customers is not just a buzzword for us. Your opinion helps us improve the user experience for everyone on the platform.

  • Rate. One of the ways we receive your feedback is through ratings after each ride. Remember to always rate your driver as this helps us assess our service quality.
  • Report. You can easily send a report via the support platform on the app. Do this by clicking on the profile tab on the left-hand corner and scrolling to ‘Ride History’ and choosing the appropriate query. Alternatively, you can also send feedback by scrolling to ‘Support’ and selecting ‘Your Conversations’ to chat with our team.

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