Looking back at the 2019 Top Driver celebrations

November 16, 2020

Looking back at the 2019 Top Driver celebrations

Before COVID-19 and lockdowns became a part of our lives, there was the year 2019. And in December 2019, we celebrated the top Bolt drivers in our cities around Nigeria. Let’s take a look back at how it went down.

A day full of good thoughts and happiness

To thank the best performing Bolt drivers of Nigeria, we invited them to join us for a Top Driver ceremony.

Some of these men and women had been driving with Bolt since 2017 when Bolt launched in Nigeria and some were much newer drivers. Still, they all had four things in common – loyalty, high ratings, a wish to offer excellent customer service and a lot of successfully completed Bolt trips.

All of the top drivers were rewarded with gift hampers, bags of rice and other useful things for the upcoming holidays. Our grand prize – an all-expenses-paid trip to Dubai, including the Dubai City Tour, a desert safari and a Dhow cruise – was reserved for the overall top drivers in Lagos and Abuja and awarded to Mr Ayodele Samuel from Lagos and Mr Franklin Nnolum from Abuja.

Bolt Top Driver ceremony winner

Will you be the lucky winner this year?

This year Bolt is giving away 2 cars along with over 50 fantastic prizes in the Bolt Mega Bonus campaign, so, remember to keep your activity high and offer great customer experiences as you move passengers in your city!

In the words of one of our grand prize winners from last year, Mr. Nnolum: “It pays to drive with Bolt!”

And if you haven’t signed up as a Bolt driver yet, now’s definitely the time! Fill in the application and you’ll be picking up your first customer in no time!

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