Keeping you safe this rainy season

April 19, 2021


At Bolt, your safety is our number one priority. And with the Nigerian Meteorological Agency predicting above-average rainfalls this season, we’re sharing some tips on how to look after yourself and how to Bolt around your city safely.

Expect more traffic and longer trips 

Given the potential for flooding — and the potential effect on road conditions — there may be more traffic. Please factor this into your commute time calculations. 

Leave earlier than usual 

To get to your appointments on time, we advise checking your maps ahead of time to get an idea of the traffic situation. And be sure to leave earlier than usual — after all, it’s better to be early than late.

Fare estimates may differ from the final fare 

As weather-induced traffic cannot be predicted, please remember that your final fare may differ from the fare estimate you see at the start of your ride.

Wait in a safe place

Request your ride when indoors and stay in a safe area until your driver arrives at your pick-up location. This reduces the amount of time you spend outside by yourself. We also recommend carrying a portable umbrella this season so you can arrive dry and warm!

Please be patient 

After your ride request is accepted, your driver will find their way to you as quickly as possible. But due to the adverse weather conditions, they might take longer to get to your pick-up point. Please reach out to your driver to let them know you’re waiting and track their progress via the in-app map.

Remember: Plate. Face. Share

While it might be tempting to jump into a car once it arrives, take a second to check that the driver and car details in the app match the driver and car that have arrived. This step ensures that you’re picked up by a Bolt-verified driver. 


You can read more about staying safe before, during and after your ride here.

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