How to earn extra money with weekly Bolt bonuses?

April 18, 2019


The overall idea of Bolt is simple – you drive and earn money. The more you drive, the more money goes into your pocket. Normally, driver earnings consist of passenger fares. However, in order for you to earn extra, we’ve put a bonus system in place that guarantees you higher earnings at different times of the day.

Bonus Requirements

To qualify to receive a bonus, drivers must fulfil requirements set for that specific bonus. Bonus requirements may involve completing a minimum number of rides within a given time period, maintaining a set acceptance rate or high ratings to qualify.

For example, let’s say that a bonus is set to last between the hours of 8-9AM on a Monday morning and the bonus guarantees you an N2000 fare per trip. You pick up a client, drive to the destination and the price at the end of the trip is N1500. During the aforementioned bonus hour, this N1500 actually means N2000 for you, as this fare was guaranteed from the beginning.

You’ll get information about weekly bonuses via the Bolt app

You should always be on the lookout for bonuses. You can do this by constantly checking the messages we send you as they give you details on when and how can you earn extra money.

Additionally, we organize campaigns dedicated to active drivers.

You can check your progress towards the bonus

To view your progress towards the weekly bonus, go to the Campaigns tab on your app. Follow the guide you see when tapping on the campaign. For example, there are “set fare campaigns,” which work the same way aforementioned bonus hour campaigns do – you are guaranteed a set fare for every completed trip within the hours mentioned in the campaign description.

So, be online, stay active and check your incoming messages on a daily basis. This way you never miss out on beneficial information.

Want to know how much have you earned?

You can see your balance when you log in to the driver portal. The second option of reviewing your income is to select the Earnings tab from the Home screen of your Bolt app.


  • The Balance tab shows your starting balance and ending balance
  • The Revenue tab shows your revenues and bonuses. Here you can split the revenue to see cash and in-app payments separately by tapping on the revenue bubble
  • The Net tab shows your earnings excluding commissions

All of these tabs can be toggled to show the current week, past weeks or past 3 months. You can also see different days separately by tapping on the bars representing them.

Keep in mind that you can only view bonuses earned on the previous day.

Getting your bonus

The bonus will be calculated and added to your earnings balance on a weekly basis. You will receive your bonuses alongside your regular payouts from Bolt.

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