Feature update: Make calls through the Bolt app at no extra cost

April 21, 2021


It’s time to update your Bolt app! The latest versions of the Bolt and Bolt Driver apps enable drivers and riders to communicate without incurring any additional fees and with extra security thanks to in-app calling via mobile internet (VoIP).

How does it work?

The in-app call feature uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP allows you to use regular phone services over the internet. Just like FaceTime, WhatsApp or Messenger audio calls. 


So, the next time you need to give your Bolt driver a heads-up or quickly find out the location of your passenger — you can make a call through the app using only your mobile data. That means no extra minute fees on your monthly phone bill!


In addition to cutting costs, in-app calling adds an extra layer of safety when communicating, as Bolt drivers and riders will be able to connect without disclosing any contact details. 

How can I make a call through the Bolt app?

Calling through the Bolt app is super-easy.

  • To make a call, tap on the “Call in-app” button in the “Contact options” menu;
  • Enable the Bolt app to access your microphone. 
  • To end a call, tap the “End Call” button.
  • You’ll see a notification when your passenger/driver is trying to call you.

Safer rides with Bolt

Our technology allows us to pair thousands of people together on a daily basis. Helping people to stay safe is a huge responsibility and is always our primary concern. 


Besides enabling in-app calling, the Bolt and Bolt Driver apps have a number of other safety features designed to ensure that each user feels secure and comfortable.


GPS-tracking on all rides

All Bolt rides are tracked from start to finish. Because of this, we know where you are and when in case you need assistance. If necessary, we can also look at the record of all rides to solve any disputes that may arise.


Share my Ride

With safety in mind, we have a Share my Ride feature for riders that appears on the bottom of the app, right under the driver’s profile. You can share your current trip details with trusted friends and family members during every ride. This makes it easier for loved ones to keep track of your journey and know when you’ve arrived.


Cashless payments

Whether it’s your credit card or debit card, you can set up cashless payments inside the Bolt app in a matter of minutes. It’s easy and more importantly, your data will be secure, encrypted and kept private.


Just head to the Payments section in your Bolt app and add the necessary details there.

voip pay method

Ride-hailing insurance

Every trip with Bolt is insured with rider trip protection that insures you and your possessions from the moment your trip begins until it ends. All at no cost to you. You can read more about our on-trip cover which is underwritten by AIICO Insurance here.


Download the app and get going!

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, we’re here to listen. For quick answers, head to our Support page. Also, don’t hesitate to send us a message via your Bolt app.


And, if you’re ever in need of a ride, download the app and get around your city fast and affordably with Bolt!


download the bolt app


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