Bolters recommend: best places to visit in Lagos

March 15, 2019


When in Rome, right?

It’s no secret that it’s only reasonable to follow the footsteps of local people when visiting a new city.

We put together a list of recommendations starring some of the best restaurants, museums and must-see places in Lagos for you to have the ultimate guide to a great experience in the city when needed.

All based on the experience and knowledge of our local Bolters.

Best restaurants in Lagos

Nok by Alara: Fine dining meets “Naija” dishes. Nok serves up everything from interesting takes on fried plantain to their suya calamari. Looking for a tasteful but authentic Nigerian cuisine? Nok by Alara is the way to go.

Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker: Nothing more welcoming than a cozy cafe with so much natural lighting (for perfect selfies) and great service.

RSVP Lagos: If you love cocktails and great food, you definitely need to try out RSVP Lagos. When you are done with your meal, get up and dance the night away.

Museums you have to visit

Nike Art Gallery:  Not exactly a museum, but Nike Art Gallery holds years of Nigerian history within its walls. Whether you are an arts specialist, an African crafts enthusiast or merely interested in an immersive cultural experience, you’d find your experience delightfully traditional. Everything from the architecture to the art and people are also very Instagram worthy.

National Museum: Established in 1957, the Nigerian National Museum tells the story of Nigeria in art, archaeology, and ethnography.

Museum of Contemporary Art: Ignite your love for art by walking through the corridors of the Museum of Contemporary Art. Founded in 2018, but already has years of contemporary art on its walls

Must-visits in Lagos

Fela’s Shrine: Love Afrobeats music, Fela, Nightlife or all three? Then Fela’s shrine popularly known as the New Afrika Shrine is a must visit

Lekki Conservation Centre: The Lekki conservation centre covers a whopping land area of 78 hectares!  The sight and sounds of animals in their natural habitat will be quite the experience

Lounge on the Beaches: This is perhaps the most popular and obvious option of the lot. Lagos is home to a number of lovely beaches and resorts where you can go to relax, by yourself or with family and friends.

Also, the thing you would search anyway: where do locals go in Lagos?

It’s absolutely fine if you want to take spying on locals to the next level. We’re not here to judge. Au contraire, here’s a snapshot of the most popular routes people take with Bolt:

  • Ikeja City Mall to Maryland
  • Unilag to Admiralty Way, Lekki
  • MM1 – Magodo
  • Ikoyi – Victoria Island
  • Surulere – Commercial Avenue, Yaba

We also looked at the data about where locals like to spend their time. These are the most popular places for hailing a ride in Lagos:

  • Admiralty Way, Lekki
  • Ikeja City Mall
  • Oregun, Lagos
  • Novare Mall, Sangotedo
  • The Palms Mall, VI

Now that you have all that’s necessary, it’s just a matter of planning your visit. Or if you’re a local, request Bolt and enjoy a ride around your hometown. You may even find some new favourites.

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