Bolt supporting the career development of Nigerian women in honour of International Women’s Day

March 04, 2021

Bolt supporting the career development of Kenyan women in honour of International Women’s Day

This year, in honour of International Women’s Day, we want to stand with all the women who choose to challenge the old norms and create a more inclusive world through their career choices. 


Helping women kick-start their careers

The tech industry has historically been a male-dominated space with only around 25% of tech jobs occupied by women. At Bolt, we believe that more women in tech means more innovation, better problem solving and more diverse, progressive ideas. 


This is why, in honour of this year’s International Women’s Day, we are launching an internship program, aiming to help 12 women across Africa fast-track their career in the tech world. The program has a wide range of career choices, there’s an opportunity to join different teams in Engineering, Operations and Marketing.


Time to nominate the perfect candidate  

If you know a perfect candidate for a career in tech, nominate them on Twitter or Instagram and let us know why they’d be the ideal fit.

  • Tag your candidate using their handle (@handle);
  • Use the hashtag #Drive4WITech;
  • Tag the Bolt account handle so we can see your nomination (@bolt_nigeria on Instagram and @boltapp_ng on Twitter)

The top nominees will be invited for a pitch-round interview, so be sure to make a strong case! The best three applicants from Nigeria will be selected in April and the month-long internship will kick off thereafter.


The first footsteps on a career in tech — there can’t be many better Women’s Day presents for your friends, surely?


Start your Bolt career on International Women’s Day

We also wanted to use this occasion as an opportunity to send some love to all of the women drivers who use Bolt to earn a living. Thank you for everything you do, you’re the heart and soul of Bolt!


If you too wish to take control over your schedule and money and would like to join the awesome group of Bolt women drivers, you can start by filling in a short sign-up form. Once done, you’ll be driving and earning money in your city in no time!



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