How to use Bolt as a business travel app

January 18, 2023


The Bolt app gives you a safe, sustainable, and reliable way to travel in 500+ cities across 45 countries. But if you’re only using Bolt for leisure, you’re not getting the most out of the service — it’s also a powerful business travel app

By setting up a Work Profile — a free feature in the Bolt app — you get all the convenience of Bolt with the addition of pre-filled ride receipts which means no lost receipts, no paperwork, and no more time spent filling out expense reports.

Benefits of using Bolt as a business travel app

Travelling with a Work Profile is the easiest way to travel for work and claim back your expenses.

Every time you travel using your Work Profile, a digital receipt, pre-filled with your company’s details, will go straight to an email of your choice. And by adding a company card, you can charge all work rides to your employer without needing to make an expense claim. 

There’s also no need to download a separate app for managing your travel expenses as you can connect your Work Profile with several leading expense providers:

  • SAP® Concur®;
  • Expensify;
  • Rydoo;
  • Zoho Expense.

And many more are to be added soon.

Once connected, your ride receipts will go straight to the provider, which makes handling expenses much smoother. 

“Signing up for a Work Profile turns Bolt into your very own business travel app. It’s as easy as clicking a button, and we take care of all your payment needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a company card or claiming the fare back from your employer — we make it simple for you.”

Neil Cranswick, Work Profile Product Manager, Bolt Business

Turn Bolt into a business travel app

Creating a Work Profile is as simple as opening up your Bolt app and tapping Expense your rides from the menu on the left-hand side. Then follow the onscreen instructions and add a work payment method, if needed. 

It’s then just a case of switching to your Work Profile before you travel for work.

How to set up a Bolt Work Profile in the Bolt app

Give your whole team a corporate travel app with Bolt Business

The Work Profile is ideal for individuals who need a business travel app to keep trips for leisure and work separate. But if you want to give your whole team or company a reliable way to travel for work, then you should consider Bolt Business. 

Bolt Business allows you to control, manage, and pay for all work rides from a single dashboard. After setting up your account, you can add team members who will see your company as a payment method in their Bolt app. But they’ll only be able to choose this payment method if the trip meets your company’s travel policy.

You can sign up for Bolt Business online in minutes or get in touch with our team to discuss how we can meet your ground travel needs.


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