Side hustle ideas in Kenya

January 26, 2023

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Self-employed courier
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People are looking for side hustle ideas more than ever — something we know given the term’s at an all-time high on Google Trends

And according to this study, 34% of Americans already have a side hustle. Half do it for fun, and one-third to make extra money. Keep reading to find what we think the best side hustle ideas in Kenya are.

What are good side hustle ideas?

Having a side hustle is a great idea if you want to express yourself, earn extra money, and have the security that comes with multiple income streams.

One of the most profitable side hustle ideas is to start your own company. But that takes time and resources, and isn’t for everyone. Also, you may have heard that 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years.

So, in this post, we’ll aim to provide you with side hustle ideas that you can take up as fast as possible in Kenya, and that don’t need a huge upfront investment.

Seven side hustle ideas in Kenya

Freelance copywriter

Yes, you could turn your writing skills into a side hustle! And if you need ideas on improving your copywriting, then take a free course, follow experts like Eddie Shleyner and Ann Handley, or ask for tips from Facebook or Reddit copywriting groups.

You can advertise your services on social media or write to local companies whose websites are in dire need of your help. 

Being a copywriter is a great side hustle idea in Kenya and anywhere else because you can do it remotely.

Fitness instructor

People need 150 minutes of cardio and two strength workouts weekly to stay healthy. That’s a big chunk of your time. Does it mean you have to choose between having a side hustle and staying healthy? We have a better idea — make extra money while also getting a workout in.

Being a group fitness instructor is a great side hustle in Kenya. You’ll need to pass some courses first, which usually take a couple of weeks. 

Check out what it takes to become certified from sites like Les Mills, or just ask your local gym which courses they recommend. Online coaching is also an idea you could consider.

Social media manager

Data shows that people spend almost 2.5 hours on social media every day.

Here’s an idea — turn that aimless scrolling into a side hustle. Being a social media manager is a great side hustle idea since you can usually do it remotely. And if you need to polish your skills, check out these free online resources.

Once you’ve mastered creating engaging content, offer your services to local companies in Kenya. Start with small businesses that don’t have the time or skills to take care of their social media. Or use your skills to become an influencer and make companies come to you.

Tour guide

If you know your way around your hometown, becoming a tour guide is a great side hustle idea in Kenya. 

You can offer food, bicycle, or street art tours. And if you have a specific skill, then use it — photo sessions and historical tours are popular. 

Getting your experience listed on apps like Airbnb isn’t hard, and you could make some extra money while putting a smile on people’s faces.


The idea here is to buy cheaper items and then sell them for profit. 

You could find valuables in online marketplaces, local garage sales, or thrift stores all over Kenya. Some of the most sought-after items to look out for are designer and baby clothes, vintage toys and games, glassware, and silverware. 

It might take time to clean and paint old furniture, but it’s a side hustle you can earn a decent profit from. You can even increase the price by just taking better pictures than the previous seller. Don’t forget to sell your own stuff that you don’t need too!

Bolt Food courier

We think that being a Bolt Food courier is one of the best side hustles in Kenya. 

You get to be your own boss and earn money whenever you want. Plus, there are no minimum hours or limits to how much you can make. 

You can start earning in no time and get paid weekly. Read more from your local sign-up page.

Bolt driver

Becoming a Bolt driver is another side hustle idea you might want to consider. It’s a hassle-free hustle as you get to earn on your own schedule. And there are no minimum hours, no monthly fees, and no boss. Every week, you’ll receive last week’s earnings to an account of your choice. Read more from your local sign-up page.

Did you find your favourite side hustle idea?

We sure hope so! But if not, read our blog post about low-cost money-making hobbies for even more side hustle ideas.

If you’re interested in becoming a Bolt Food courier, you may want to read What is it like to be a self-employed courier?/Eight reasons to love being a Bolt Food courier/The benefits of signing up as a Bolt Food courier and sign up here.


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