Ride Booker: book rides for your team

September 09, 2022

Employee looking at their phone for the Ride Booker confirmation

Are you looking to book rides for your clients, customers, and employees? Then you need Ride Booker.

With Ride Booker, you can book rides on the same day or up to 15 days in advance — helping to transform how you manage your company’s work rides.

You can start using Ride Booker today by signing up with Bolt Business. And you can find out how to get the most out of it in this article. 

What is Ride Booker?

Ride Booker is an essential tool for booking rides for your employees or people outside of your organisation — either right away or ahead of time. 

You make the travel arrangements and choose a vehicle type that suits your budget — Basic, Premium, or many more (depending on the country and availability). Your passenger will then get an SMS containing the journey details — they don’t even need the Bolt app to travel. 

You can pay by monthly invoice or automatic card payments, helping to save admin time and free your team from the hassle of filling out expense reports. 

To start booking rides, you’ll need a Bolt Business Team Account. Once you’ve signed up, you can use Ride Booker in your dashboard or via the Ride Booker web page

Why use Ride Booker?

Ride Booker gives you the power to arrange essential work rides for other people. It makes a nice perk for your employees and can help to impress your clients when they visit your office. 

With Ride Booker, you can:

  • Schedule rides up to 15 days in advance;
  • Book rides in other cities and countries;
  • Set multiple stops on a single journey.

And you’ll get an accounting-friendly report of all the trips made with your Bolt Business account. 

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