How much should you tip?

September 15, 2022

how much should you tip

“How much should I tip…?” With so many opinions, it’s often hard to know how much to tip — if at all. 

To make matters even more confusing, tipping values vary by industry and country.

Here’s our little guide to gratuities — including how to tip your Bolt Food courier.

How much should you tip your hairdresser, tattoo artist, or food courier?

The list of professions goes on. And providing a one-size-fits-all answer is challenging given that so many different customs exist.

Generally, a 10 – 15 % tip should do the trick in most situations . If you’re ever unsure, you can just round up the bill amount.

Check our general guidelines about tipping around the world today.

How much should you tip in Europe?

Depending on the country, a 10% tip is considered fair or good. 

Unlike in the US, it’s okay not to tip if the service doesn’t meet your expectations.

In some European countries,the bill already includes a service charge, so double-check. But you can still add an extra tip or round up the bill if you enjoyed the service.

For a more detailed guide, here’s Tipping in Europe by the legendary Rick Steves.

How much should you tip in Africa?

Africa’s a vast continent with many different cultures and customs. Tipping isn’t always a must, but a 5 – 15% gratuity is appreciated. 

High-end restaurants may already include a service charge in the bill. But, generally, a 10% tip is a safe bet.

For a country-by-country guide, check out this article.

How much should you tip in Asia?

Asia’s also a huge continent with a mix of cultures and traditions. 

Countries like Japan and China don’t have a tradition of tipping. Some professions may even refuse tips as it’s considered insulting.

But the tourist hot spots in Asia will accept your gratuity, and a 5 – 10% tip is standard. As is the case across the globe, tipping is expected in luxury establishments.

You can check out this list for more detailed information about tipping in Asia.

How much should you tip in North America?

As you may already know, tips are expected in the States — and Canada isn’t far behind. 

The hospitality industry in the US relies heavily on tips as extra income. 

A 15% tip is standard for most services in the US. 20% is considered a good tip, and a 25% gratuity is customary for exceptional service. In Canada, tips tend to be 5% smaller than in the US.

Here’s an in-depth tutorial on tipping in North and Central America.

How to tip your Bolt Food courier

Bolt Food’s new tipping feature helps you show your appreciation and make your courier’s day! Bolt doesn’t charge any commission, so the courier will get 100% of your tip. 

You can select the tip at the checkout if you pay by card. You’ll find the tipping section between the Map and the Payment sections.

You can choose between three fixed amounts if you decide to tip your courier. You’ll see your tip in the calculations and on the receipt.

If needed, you’ll be able to revoke the tip in the app, and we’ll refund the sum to your Bolt Balance account.

If you pay by cash, there’s no tip option available in the app, but you can show your appreciation the traditional way.

Delivering food is more than just getting food from point A to B. Everyday our delivering partners do their best to make eaters’ lives easier by delivering that meal for them at the end of a long tiring day.

This feature will also provide an avenue that will enable delivery partners that often go above and beyond for eaters to get recognized and rewarded.

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