Bolters recommend: best places to visit in Nairobi

March 26, 2019


When in Rome, right?

It’s no secret that it’s only reasonable to follow the footsteps of local people when visiting a new city. We put together a list of recommendations starring some of the best restaurants, museums and must-see places in Nairobi for you to have the ultimate guide to a great experience in the city when needed. All based on the experience and knowledge of locals.

Best restaurants in Nairobi


Serves up Kenya’s famous nyama choma (barbecued meat). This is the ultimate ‘beast of a feast’ a variety of meats including ostrich, crocodile and camel, are roasted over charcoal and carved at your table.

About Thyme: Located at the Corner of Peponi Road and Eldama Ravine Road, About Thyme offers an intimate fine dining experience, enjoyed in a tranquil setting.

Mama Oliech: Fish is wildly popular in Nairobi. The restaurant, one of the wonders of Nairobi is ideaal to get first time visitors in the spirit of the city.

Fun fact: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg visited this restaurant in 2016.

Habesha Restaurant: A must try!  One of Nairobi’s hottest spots for authentic Ethiopian restaurants in Nairobi. Enjoy some Injera with Shiro, Misir Wot or Tibsi in a serene garden filled with coffee incense. And don’t forget to try this exotic taste of Ethiopian coffee!

Mama Shanti:  One of Nairobi best restaurants for West African cuisine; perfect for hangouts, families, corporate lunches, dinners and special events.

Fogo Gaucho:

An authentic brazilian steakhouse that offers a selection of 16 cuts of perfectly done brazilian steak. You definitely need to try out if you are a great lover of cocktails and great food. What’s more, when you are done with your meal, you can get up and dance the night away.

Museums you have to visit

Nairobi Museum

Located in a serene environment, the Nairobi National Museum is the flagship brand for the National Museums of Kenya. It showcases Kenya’s rich Heritage for both education and leisure including shopping and dining facilities. The museum is open 365 throughout the year, from 08:30-17:30 hrs.

Karen Blixen Museum

If you watched ‘Out of Africa’ then you will have a Deja Vu moment being here. The museum was once a farmhouse owned by a Danish author named Karen.  It gained international fame with the of the release of Oscar winning film, movie ‘Out of Africa’ based on Karen’s autobiography.

Bomas of Kenya

A tourist village located approximately 10km from the Central Business District. The village displays Kenyan traditional villages belonging to several tribes in the country.

Nairobi Railway Museum

Opened in 1971 and operated by Kenya Railways, the museum showcases exhibits from the defunct East African Railways.

Must-visits in Nairobi

Nairobi Safari Walk:

You don’t have to leave Nairobi to experience discovery channel level wildlife.  Right at the heart of Nairobi, sits a park of wild animals from lions to zebras, and giraffes. A private car and a guide to takes you on an adventure, experiencing the animals in their natural habitat.

Giraffe Center

A natural breeding ground for one of Africa’s most endangered but graceful animals. As part of a concerted effort, baby giraffes are bread, born and raised in this protected environment. Visitors also climb a raised platform to pet and feed giraffes before taking to the 1.5-kilometer nature trail for guided birding or a tree identification tour.

Paradise Lost

An hour’s drive from the city center, Paradise Lost is one of the largest artificial lakes in Africa. It is equipped with over 25 boats with a carrying capacity of over 150 people .The lake is well maintained and clean.

Also, the thing you would search anyway: where do locals go in Nairobi?

It’s absolutely fine if you want to take spying on locals to the next level. We’re not here to judge. Au contraire, here’s a snapshot of the most popular destinations of local Bolters:

  • Ngong Road
  • Westlands
  • Moi Avenue, City Center
  • Upper Hill Road
  • Mombasa Road
  • Waiyaki Way
  • Limuru Road
  • Thika Road Mall Drive

We also looked at the data about where locals like to spend their time. These are the most popular places for hailing a ride in Nairobi:

  • Junction Mall
  • Sarit Center Mall
  • Thika Road Mall
  • Two Rivers Mall
  • Whiskey Rivers
  • Brew Bistro Lounge
  • Garden City
  • Capital Center
  • Galleria
  • The Hub

Now that you have all that’s necessary, it’s just a matter of planning your visit. Or, if you’re a local, request Bolt and enjoy a ride around your hometown. You may even find some new favourites.

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