Your chance to win one of 4 Brand New Suzuki Celerios – The Bolt “Driver League” Campaign is on!

October 11, 2021


It’s an exciting time to be a Bolt driver! 🥳  

The Bolt Driver League is on! What’s the Bolt Driver League? It’s a 12-week long contest running from the 11th of October, 2021 till the 3rd of January, 2022 for Bolt drivers in Ghana to win a brand new car alongside weekly prizes like Television sets, mobile phones and many more. 

Winning a brand new car means you not only get to be your own boss, but you also get to keep 100% of your earnings. It’s life-changing 🤩  If you don’t believe us — watch this clip from one of our winners from last year. 

To increase your chances of starting the new year in grand style, we’re giving out brand new cars across various driver segments. Think that one of these cars should have your name on it?  Find your league 👇🏽: 

  1. New Drivers: New drivers can get 2 tokens, by meeting the following requirements:

Get 2 tokens, when you meet the following requirements:

  • Complete your registration in one week + take your first trip within 24hrs of getting your account activated

After your first trip is completed, you get 2 additional tokens each week when you: 

  • Complete 20 trips/week;
  • Maintain a 4.8 rating or higher. 

To win an additional token each week, you have to refer 1 new driver

Remember that the more tokens you get, the higher your chances of winning!

  1. Existing Drivers: Existing drivers in both Kumasi and Accra can earn tokens towards the final draw based on their activity and their excellent customer service. 

To get 2 tokens, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Complete 60 trips/week;
  • Maintain a 4.8 rating or higher. 

To win an additional token, you have to complete 80 trips/week and maintain a 4.8 rating or higher. 

  1. Overall Top Driver: There is also one car available for the overall top driver who completes the most rides, online hours, activity score and keeps their rating at the highest level.

Still not convinced you should sign up to drive with Bolt? We’ll let you in on a little secret: the “Ember months” is the best time to drive with Bolt not only for the chance to be the latest brand new car owner in town but also because it’s the highest-earning period for drivers! 🎉 Last year, top drivers in Ghana earned GHS3000 per week on average and up to GHS800 per day on extra-special days. In your first week, you can also earn up to GHS250 in bonuses! 

Read our terms and conditions here: Terms and conditions apply*


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