Win one of two brand new Suzuki cars — the Bolt Driver League campaign is back

August 08, 2022


It’s that time of year again! The Bolt Driver League is back, and this time around, you could win one of two brand new Suzuki vehicles.

The Bolt Driver League is an eight-week contest running from 8 August 2022 – 2 October 2022, where Bolt drivers in Ghana can win a brand new car plus weekly prizes, including home appliances, mobile phones, and fuel cards. 

The best part? You win by doing what you do best — driving and providing a top-notch service for riders, which earns you points. Those with the highest points at the end of the competition will win. 

Winning a brand new car means being your own boss and keeping 100% of your earnings. It’s life-changing! 🤩 If you don’t believe us — watch this clip from a previous winner.

To increase your chance of entering the festive period with a brand new car, we’re giving out brand new cars across two separate categories depending on where in Ghana you drive with Bolt. The winner of each category wins a brand new Suzuki car.

Championship League

This league is open to all Bolt drivers in Accra for the chance to win a Brand new Suzuki Swift. 

Earn points by completing more trips, going online more, and maintaining a high activity score. The driver with the highest points at the end of eight weeks wins. See the graphic below for a breakdown of how points are allocated. 

Pro League 

All drivers in Kumasi and Takoradi will compete in the Pro League for a chance to win a brand new Suzuki Alto. Points will be earned for completed trips, hours spent online, and keeping a high activity score. The driver with the highest points at the end of the contest wins. 

New drivers

New drivers are eligible to compete in the Championship or Pro League categories depending on the Bolt city they operate in. 

The overall best new driver will win a brand new Nasco refrigerator. As a bonus, new drivers who take their first trip within 24 hours after registration will earn 100 booster points — with the first 50 getting fuel coupons worth over GHS100. 

As a Bolt driver in Ghana, you can earn GHS1400/week on average on top of this chance to win amazing prizes. Get started here

Terms and conditions apply.


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