Start your post-lockdown weekend getaway with Bolt

May 27, 2021


Remember those pre-COVID days? You know, when you could just book a weekend getaway on a whim because you felt like it?

For a significant majority of us, not being able to travel (be it nationally or internationally) has been a drain. You can’t beat that feeling of flicking through guide books and trip planners, coming up with weekend getaway ideas and imagining what might be. And then there’s that indescribable feeling when you arrive somewhere new — different colours, smells, scenery, weather!

Although you might not be able to travel right now, there’s no reason to say you can’t start getting that trip planner ready. Yes, the pandemic is still here, but vaccines are now rolling out. This points to a future where we may be able to travel more — whether locally or further afield.

So whether it’s starting small, or planning a bigger trip, let your imagination run wild and remember that when travelling is allowed again, Bolt will be by your side to get you moving.

Rediscover Ghana with Bolt

As the world slowly emerges from lockdowns, there may be the chance to travel locally within Ghana. When we say “travel” we often think of going overseas, but sometimes it’s nice to remind ourselves of what we have on our own doorstep! One option is to plan a weekend getaway in your own city.

Treat it just as you would any other holiday — stay in that fancy spa hotel, visit the tourist spots you’ve always said you’d visit but never have, eat at a restaurant you’ve been meaning to go to for years. OK, there might not be a flight involved and some things will look familiar, but so what?

And as an added bonus, you can leave the transport to us!

Start your trip with Bolt and we’ll take you (and your luggage) wherever you need to be quickly and affordably. Then, throughout your weekend, we’ll be on hand morning, afternoon and evening to make your plans happen!

Bolt to the airport

Eventually (we hope), we’ll all be able to travel internationally again — hello, city break weekend getaway!

Before you get to your destination, though, there can often be a few headaches and stressors en route. You know the ones — timing your train journey to get to the airport on time, figuring out airport parking if taking your personal car, or generally worrying about missing your flight or connecting transport.

Here at Bolt, we want you to focus on nothing else but your trip. That’s why our rides are available 24/7 to get you where you need to go in just a few taps of the Bolt app. We’ll transport you to and from over 100 airports across the world, safely. Let Bolt drivers take care of the airport transfer, so you can spend more time getting into holiday mode!

With our hassle-free rides, your biggest worry will be deciding which restaurant to visit on the first night… Choices, huh?

Stock up on weekend getaway essentials

When it’s time for your post-lockdown trip, you might realise late on that you’re short of a few items. Sunglasses, medication, sun cream, travel adapters — there’s always something you remember at the last minute.

If you need to visit some shops the day before take-off, let Bolt get you where you need to be. No need to worry about city centre car park fees or wrong directions, we’ll drop you off outside your shop of your choice. That means more time for you to get home and start stuffing that suitcase!

We can’t predict when we’ll all be able to travel again as we once did. But we can promise you that we’ll be here by your side — ready to take the stress out of that post-lockdown weekend getaway and get you moving safely and affordably.

See you on the beach, yeah?


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