Meet the Bolt Driver of the Year, Isaac Asma

March 05, 2020

bolt driver of the year in ghana

Sometimes, life just gives you a big bag of lemons to chew on. That’s exactly what happened to Isaac. Even though he was educated in Advanced IT, a few years ago Isaac fell victim to unemployment that ravaged Ghana which caused him to jump from one freelance job to another, earning just enough money to buy food. Then, two years ago, he decided it was time for a change… 

This is the story of Isaac Asma, a 36-year-old husband and father of two, now the best man behind the wheel in Accra.

A message that changed his life

Isaac’s story is no different from a lot of drivers in Ghana — it started with him not having a stable career and needing to move from one gig to another, spending the money he made in between jobs on providing for his family. Sometimes, it wasn’t even enough to cover the most basic of expenses. After a while, he decided to give driving on a ride-hailing platform a go.

Having been a driver for some time, one day Isaac spotted a whiteboard with a message saying that he could earn 500 cedis extra for driving with Bolt. Though still sceptical, he decided to approach the man dressed in a Bolt shirt next to the sign and before the chat was over, Isaac knew he needed to switch platforms. He became a full-time Bolt driver.

Opting for Bolt only has improved Isaac’s life big time. He doesn’t have to worry about getting food on the table, as he makes 2,000-3,000 cedis per week, with additional weekly bonuses of up to 500 cedis. Isaac says he’s now settled on Bolt forever and recommends that other drivers to stop switching between different platforms as well — stating that that was his secret to ensuring a great income for himself.

In addition to driving, Isaac works as a graphic design and IT freelancer. The best part – he’s actually combined the two worlds, as he’s met passengers interested in his side-hustle while driving with Bolt; and through that, increased his earnings even more.

ghana driver of the year bolt

The Driver of the Year

When Isaac heard the good news that he’d gathered the most points in our giveaway of a brand new Kia Rio, he was completely mind-blown. And his wife? It went a little bit like this…

“Isaac, can you imagine? The whole of Accra? Are you saying that in the whole of Accra, you’re the best driver? You’ve gotta be kidding!”

Isaac made his whole family proud beyond belief, showing his two sons that working smart does pay off.

No car owner wahala anymore!

This could be you!

If this story got your blood flowing and you’d like to join Isaac by becoming a Bolt driver, just download the Bolt Driver app, and start the sign up process. You’ll be making money driving around Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi or Cape Coast in no time!

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