Introducing the Bolt Driver rewards fuel card

March 28, 2019

bolt fuel card

We’re committed to supporting the men and women who drive with Bolt.

To ensure that we continue giving our drivers rewards that help them keep more of their earnings, we’ve rolled out a partnership with Vivo Energy Ghana Limited; marketers and distributors of Shell licensed products and services in Ghana. The partnership offers Bolt drivers discounts on Fuel and vehicle maintenance.

How does it work?

Bolt drivers will be issued a Shell Ezypass Fuel Card at no cost. With this card, Bolt drivers can get fuel from any Shell Filling Station nationwide at a discount of 0.75% per litre.

Drivers will also receive a 50% discount off the Service Charge and 10% discount on the cost of filters purchased from any Shell Lube bay nationwide. The card also gives access to more value-adding discounts like cash back as a reward for frequent fuel purchases.

Bolt drivers can earn cash bonuses weekly which would be credited on the driver’s Bolt Fuel Card. Drivers can use these cash bonuses on their Bolt card to pay for the fuel at any Shell Filling station.

You can learn more about the Bolt fuel discount here.

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