Choose Bolt Food pickup for your next takeaway in Accra

June 09, 2021


You probably know we’ve got your food cravings covered with Bolt Food delivery in Accra. But did you know that you can also order takeaway food with the Bolt Food pickup option?

Whether it’s Ghanaian takeaway, Burger takeaway or something sweeter, Bolt Food pickup lets you collect your meal directly from your favourite takeaway restaurant.

If you’re more of a delivery person, we don’t blame you. After all, what’s better than getting pizza takeaway delivered directly to your doorstep with a few taps of the Bolt Food app?

Sometimes, though, picking up some takeaway food might be a better fit for your schedule.

How to order takeaway in Accra with Bolt Food pickup

Ordering Bolt Food pickup is quick and easy.

  1. Download the Bolt Food app;
  2. Open the app and choose your favourite dish(es) from the list of takeaway restaurants near you;
  3. Select ‘pickup’;
  4. Confirm your order;
  5. View the restaurant’s location in the in-app map and the minutes until your order’s ready;
  6. Pick up your order and enjoy!

Need some more convincing? Let’s look at the benefits of Bolt Food pickup and why you might want to give it a try.

Bolt Food Kenya

Takeaway food on your schedule

Some days are unpredictable. You’ve got a million things to do and no time to do them in. On these days, you might not want to sit in and wait for food delivery at home.

If you’re already in the neighbourhood of your go-to Burger takeaway, why not order on the Bolt Food app and pick up your meal directly? You’ll be back home with a tasty bag of food quicker than you can say Banku!

Skip the queues

Picture the scene… You head to your usual lunch spot, but instead of standing in the 15-minute queue, you glide past other customers and collect your takeaway meal immediately.

How? Bolt Food pickup, of course.

With this option, you can order ahead and cut your usual wait time. So whether it’s lunch with co-workers or dinner with friends, select Bolt Food pickup to beat the peak hour rush (and reduce your hunger faster!).

Get some steps

What better excuse for a walk than to know that there’s some takeaway food at the end?

A brisk walk is good for health and concentration, so use Bolt Food pickup as a reason to lace up your shoes and take a stroll. Or maybe you’ve got a dog that would appreciate the extra fresh air.

And if that’s not enough of an incentive, then remember that it might just get you to the top of your friends’ Fitbit step challenge. Top of the leaderboard and with your favourite food in hand — what could be better?

Save time

Whether it’s delivery or pickup, Bolt Food is here to offer you fast and affordable takeaway. If you’re already out and about in Accra, then Bolt Food pickup might be the better option to suit your lifestyle.

By picking up a takeaway on your way home or on the way to the office, you’re saving time and getting things ticked off your to-do list. That means more time spent on the important things — like eating your meal in peace. 

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