Bolt for Business eliminates the hassle from travel expense reporting

July 17, 2019

bolt for business

Whether going to the airport, taking trips to client meetings or getting rides to the office every morning, commuting is a part of the 21st-century work life. Wouldn’t it be nice if the expense reporting related to it would be easy as requesting for a ride? A mere tap of a button? Luckily, thanks to Bolt for Business, it is. 

Here’s how work-related travelling usually goes –  getting from A to B is easy, the annoying part comes afterwards. We’re talking about all the expense reports and the never-ending paperwork here.

So we thought, why not simplify the process and allow businesses of all sizes manage and pay for corporate trips via an easy-to-use portal?

Enter Bolt for Business

What is Bolt for Business?

Bolt for Business allows you to create a company account on the Bolt platform and allocate individual monthly budgets to your employees. Employees can then connect their personal accounts to your business account and request official rides with it.

So, instead of them paying as individuals and reporting expenses to you one-by-one later on, your Bolt Business account takes care of the payments and stores the necessary information in one place automatically. It becomes a hub-like platform, keeping track of the routes and expenses of all your employees.

bolt for business

Less time spent on paperwork

  • Save time: Think of Bolt for business as a digital headquarters for your company’s official transportation.  You get a clear view of all official trip activity, expensing and reporting.
  • Eliminate paperwork: With the automated billing system, say goodbye to elaborate and inefficient expensing paperwork and get a breakdown of all billings reported at the end of an agreed time period.
  • Simplify processes: Easily define how much each member of the team spends and they never have to worry about stepping out of policy or finding receipts.
  • Ensure safety and convenience: Bolt’s safety features including the share your ETA function and driver insurance are available on business rides and your company gains an all in one solution that simplifies how the organisation gets around.

Signing up and creating an account for your business is as easy as 1-2-3. Just head here and follow the instructions.

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