5-star Bolt drivers: these customer service tips guarantee a high driver rating

February 17, 2020

5-star Bolt drivers: these customer service tips guarantee a high driver rating

Human interaction can be a little funny at times. To drive with Bolt means coming face to face with different moods, opinions and emotions on a daily basis. So, how can you make sure that everyone in the car is happy when the trip is over? We asked some of our highest ranking drivers for their top customer service tips that help to make the journey from A to B pleasant for everyone. 

So, how to be an amazing Bolt driver?

Start with a hello and end with a goodbye

In a world of smartphones and noses in screens almost 24/7 can make it seem like politeness is fading away. People seem to forget the simplest things, like saying “hello” or wishing each other “a nice day”.

How to leave a good impression? It all starts by keeping in mind that kind words don’t cost anything, but they’re worth a lot. When the passenger steps in the car, greet them. When they leave, send them off with good wishes.

And perhaps the most important bit – when your passenger doesn’t reply with the same, don’t take it personally. There may be a hundred reasons for their lack of response and you being polite is most certainly not one of them.

Do your best to ensure safety

If there’s only one customer service tip to remember from this article, then let it be this one – do your best to ensure the safety of everyone on board.

Your focus should always be on the road and the traffic around you. You should only check your phone to see the map and route to your next pick-up or drop-off. Facebook, Whatsapp and that phone call to a friend can wait.

Talking about traffic, smooth and steady wins the race. There may be some occasions when your passenger is in a hurry, but there’s never a valid reason to go over the speed limit. At best, you’ll get a hefty fine, at worst you’ll end up in an accident. So, make sure to keep your eyes on the road, follow the traffic lights and do what you do best — drive safely.

Do your best to ensure safety

Don’t worry, be happy

Somebody stepped in with a bad mood and starts ranting about all of the things that are wrong with their day, the society and everything else?

Don’t get distracted.

Switch the subject, find a silver lining or if it feels like a conversation you don’t want to have, just let them rant and nod. Sometimes it’s wiser not to engage. Especially with sensitive topics like politics or religion. Be humble, stay positive and let them get it out of their system. Or, perhaps, switch the subject. We put down 101 topics to talk about, why not choose something from there?

Engage, but don’t push it

How to talk to people?

Why are we even talking about this here? Well, one of the most common reasons for a 1-star rating after a Bolt ride is an unpleasant conversation that took place during the ride.

If the person sitting in the car with you is not open for a chat, then don’t push it. Rather, ask what kind of music they like and switch the station accordingly. Sure, you may have nice ideas and cool stories to share, but if the other person is not in the mood, it will be a killjoy. Conversation is a two-way street. Just focus on the road and get the passenger to their destination safely.

So, #4 from the pool of the greatest customer service tips: sometimes it’s wiser to stay quiet.

Take notice and help when needed

This also seems like common knowledge, but it’s good to remember the old truths from time to time. When you arrive at the pick-up spot and see your passenger struggling with their luggage, don’t just sit idly in the car, go outside and offer a helping hand.

It also may happen that your passenger needs help with the car door and getting in — help them!

How to improve a Bolt driver rating?

To maintain a high Bolt driver rating or improve it, follow these tips:

  • Take care of your car. Keep a pack of wet-wipes in your car and vacuum it from time to time. Your car is basically an office on wheels, so it makes sense to keep it clean for a good first impression.
  • Make sure the passenger is comfortable. Whether it’s the volume of the radio or driving with open windows — ask the passenger if they are fine with it as well.
  • Don’t be afraid to call. If it’s been a few minutes and you see no-one at the pick-up point, give them a call. It may happen that your passenger is somewhere around the corner or just can’t see you. If nobody answers after a 5-minute-wait, you can cancel the ride. Your activity score won’t be affected if you mark “client did not show” as the reason in that case.

8 customer service tips from Bolt’s high-ranking drivers

8 customer service tips from Bolt’s high-ranking drivers

Breaking all of this down, here are the key takeaways:

  • Politeness goes a long way. Greet your passenger and wish them well after you’ve reached their destination.
  • Drive safely. Your passenger is counting on you to be a responsible driver.
  • Stay positive!
  • Engage in conversation, if it feels right. If the passenger doesn’t want to talk, respect that.
  • Help out, if it’s needed.
  • Keep your car clean, nobody likes to sit on bread crumbs and sweet wrappers.
  • Make sure the ride is comfortable for your passenger. Small things like setting an appropriate temperature or keeping the radio at a reasonable volume can make a big difference.
  • Call your passenger. If your passenger can’t find your car, they may need some help.

Now, if you feel like you’d like to put these tips into action, it’s probably time to sign up as a Bolt driver! Be your own boss and earn money on your own schedule. You can start by filling in our sign up form and we’ll get back to you in a few days. Hopefully, you’ll be happily greeting your first passenger in no time!

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