9 tips for success when travelling for business

February 23, 2022

Travelling for business with Bolt Business

Your next business trip is a chance to bring success to your company. 

Whether you’re meeting with a client, making a presentation, or looking to make a sale, you need a well thought out business travel plan. Taking the time to put one together is the best way to ensure success.

If you want to impress on your next work trip then follow our 9 tips for success when travelling for business.

9 essential business travel plan tips

1. Know why you’re travelling

Before you get to work drawing up a business travel plan, you need to know why you’re hitting the road in the first place. To do that, book meetings with your manager or stakeholders so that you know the purpose of the trip. The reason that you’re travelling for business can’t be clear enough.  

2. Write up a timetable 

Making travel arrangements is where your calendar really comes into its own. Break down the trip as much as you can to know where you need to be and when. Note when you’ll be travelling, when you’ll be busy, and add locations to all meetings.

3. Pack the essentials

How much you’ll need to take will depend on how long you’ll be away and how far you’re planning to travel. Your electronics are essential when travelling for business so don’t forget your phone, laptop, and charger. 

As important as packing all of your essential items is remembering to pack them up again when you head back to the office.

4. Stay focussed on business

When you’re travelling it can be hard to focus on what you want to achieve. Especially if you’re driving yourself. That’s why it’s a good idea to book a ride. 

Rather than getting behind the wheel yourself, you’ll have more time to prepare. You can make some notes, discuss plans with your team, or get some rest in the backseat. 

This will also help to free your trip of stressful situations. Not driving yourself removes any chance of getting lost or struggling to find a parking spot. 

5. Stay safe

Heading out of the office for business is an exciting opportunity. And, while it can be easy to get carried away, it’s important to stay safe. Note down any potential bumps in the road and find solutions before you set off.

83% of employees expect their company to protect their health and safety when travelling for business, the SAP Concur Business Traveler Report 2021 revealed. To feel safer when on business trips, travellers want more control over:

  • How they travel.
  • Booking transport.
  • The length of the trip.

And you can achieve all of the above with Bolt Business

A Bolt Business Team Account allows companies to control, manage, and pay for work rides taken by their team. After your employer creates their free Bolt Business account, they can add employees and set travel rules. By adding you ahead of your next work trip, you’ll have the power to book work rides as and when you need them in the Bolt app — and charge them to your company.

Let’s take a look at everything employees need to feel safe on business trips and how Bolt Business can help: 

Book direct

You can book your work ride in the Bolt app without having to go through your employer. You will be given a spending limit (set by your employer) and can book rides when you need them. 

Decide the length of the trip

It’s important to be focussed on the meetings that you’ve arranged during your work trip. If it begins to run over, but the car your company booked for you is waiting outside, then you’ll be distracted. Having the flexibility to book your own rides will help to remove any stress. 

When your meeting is over, open up the Bolt app and get a ride in minutes. We have a network of 2.5 million drivers across 45 countries so you can always count on Bolt for a ride. 

Take your preferred mode of transport

In the 45 countries where we operate, you can get a ride in a Bolt car. In some of these countries, you can also drive a car, hop on one of our e-scooters or jump on an e-bike. Plenty of choice to get you from A to B.  

Our safety-first approach is one of the biggest benefits for companies:

“We at O’Learys like Bolt Business a lot. It is easy to use for team members and gives great history overview for managers. Always enough cars so each team member gets home safely.”

Jane Uibo, Service Manager at O´Learys Baltics.

6. Ensure you’re insured

Many employees will make sure that you’re fully covered during your business trip. But you’ll need to double-check this before you head off. As some employees may expect you to take out insurance and they’ll reimburse you later. 

Travel with Bolt and you can rest assured that all of our cars are fully-insured and the drivers have all been security vetted.

7. Set an out of office

It can be tough to keep on top of your inbox when travelling for business. After all, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy. It’s useful to set an ‘out of office’ letting colleagues, clients, and customers know that you may take longer than normal to reply. Include the contact details of another team member in this email. 

8. Be well informed on expenses

There’s a strong chance that you’re going to have to spend money when you’re travelling for business. Whether it’s for somewhere to stay, food, or the travel itself, it’s important to know your company’s process for reporting expenses so that you can be reimbursed.

After your trip, you could have a mountain of receipts piled on your desk. And reporting those expenses isn’t the best use of your time.

When you ride for work with Bolt, a digital pre-filled tax receipt goes straight to your company. That will save you a lot of time and means there’s no chance of losing any of your receipts along the way. 

You’ll want to keep your expenses as low as possible on your business trip so take a look at our 4 ways to reduce your business travel expenses.

9. Catch-up with your team

At the end of your business trip, take your manager or team through the key talking points. It’s important that everyone is on the same page so that you can plan out the next steps. 

Reflecting on your trip will also help you to plan the next one. Think about any areas that didn’t go quite to plan or could have been smoother. Then you’ll be in a better position the next time you’re planning a business trip

Make your work trips easier to plan with Bolt Business

Next time you’re travelling for business, increase your chances of success with Bolt Business.

Bolt Business gives you an affordable, reliable, and safe way to travel for work. And you won’t have to spend time manually filling out work ride expense reports when you get back to the office. Plus, all Bolt rides across Europe are carbon-neutral so all of your future business trips will be better for the planet too. 

Be ready for your next business trip by signing up your company today!

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