The best articles for Bolt drivers from 2019

January 27, 2020

UK best articles of 2019

The new year has started with a bang – a €50 million funding partnership with EU Investment Bank – but 2019 was very exciting for us as well. What were the topics that interested Bolt drivers the most in our blog? Here’s a recap of the top articles read in 2019!

How to make more money driving? Here are some top tips!

Looking to increase your earnings as a Bolt driver? Or maybe you’re searching for opportunities to earn more money on the side? Well, whether you’re still considering driving with Bolt or you already do so on a regular basis, you’re in the right place! This blog post will, hopefully, give you some key pointers and explain how to make more money while driving. Let’s go! Read on…

Bolt’s London driver hub is now open!

This is an exclusive Bolt space that now allows us to welcome drivers, guests and other visitors with open arms. So, if you’re a driver and have a question, concern or a proposal, come on over! Our friendly team will take good care of you. Read on…

Bolt in London: the story so far

In summer 2019 we celebrated Bolt‘s launch in London. Now, that half a year has passed, it’s only right to have a look back and see how it’s been. Read on…

All Bolt rides in Europe are now 100% carbon-neutral

Our mission is to build a better future for the industry, but we want to go even further. Because of this, we’re launching our Green Plan — a long-term commitment to reduce the ecological footprint of Bolt as a company. Our first step is to make all Bolt rides in Europe 100% carbon neutral by buying verified emission reduction, neutralising the COemissions that Bolt rides create. Read on…

Lucky Mercedes winner: I will definitely continue driving with Bolt

Imagine picking up your phone and hearing someone tell you that you just won a car. A brand new, shiny hybrid Mercedes, with leather seats and everything. Wow. Now imagine winning it just for doing your job. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, for one lucky Bolt driver this wasn’t a dream. Read on to find out how it all went down.

6 myths you’ve probably heard about electric cars

Ever heard that electric cars cost a lot? Or that they’re unsafe and pollute as much as regular petrol or diesel powered cars? Fake news! It’s time to put these myths to rest and debunk them once and for all. Read on…

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