The benefit of compliments: why you should say thanks to your Bolt driver

May 05, 2020

The benefit of compliments: why you should say thanks to your Bolt driver

Sincere complimenting is the simplest way to show gratitude and uplift those around you. We all know it, but still, it seems to have become a lost art these days.

What about you? When you entered your most recent Bolt ride — did you take 3 seconds to say a proper “hello”? Do you always say thank you every time you exit the car? Or is it just way more convenient to keep your headphones on or concentrate on your phone screen?

What’s the value of thanking?

Manners are free. And well, let’s be honest, we’ve all learnt from history that you gain a lot more with politeness than by being rude. At least in the long-term, anyway.

Besides making others feel better, various studies have shown that giving thanks also makes you happier. It’s a plain win-win, isn’t it?

Why should you thank your Bolt driver?

Do they really need the praise, if they’re just doing their thing? Most probably they know they’re good, right?

Well, your driver may very well know they’re an ace behind the wheel, but it doesn’t hurt to spread some positivity and thank them for bringing you home safely. Good words boost morale, and inspired people are wired to excel at what they do.

Your “thank you” may have a big impact on the service you’re greeted with next time. Again, it’s all about building a better community for everyone.

A thank you to Bolt drivers

It’s great to know that so many of you do take the time to say thank you, both verbally and in writing. We’ve gathered some of the most heart-warming compliments Bolt drivers have received and wanted to share them with you.

  • Birzi was great helpful and kind with a delivery I was making. We need more Birzi’s in the world.
  • Amazing driver, so friendly, above and beyond to ensure I was safe and comfortable. Would tip if I could!
  • Thank you so much for taking me to work! What a lovely start to the day 🙂 stay safe! And thank you for everything you do! 🙂 I need you!
  • This driver made my crappy morning so much better. Very enjoyable journey lovely chat and the driving was smooth and quick! Massive thumbs up from me x
  • Really nice man, was very conscious of keeping the car clean and disinfected. We need more people like Fred.

Why should you thank your Bolt driver?

Next time, say thank you

Now, of course, what you see above, came straight from the heart. Compliments only work when you mean what you say. Still, remember that being nice and being polite isn’t the same thing. There’s always room for a hello, a good-bye and a thank you – even if there’s nothing more to say.

And, remember, giving thanks opens the door to receiving a thank you in return – it’s a step towards a more open and grateful culture.

A big thanks from Bolt

They say to always follow your words, right?

This here is a perfect opportunity to send our thanks to all the awesome Bolt drivers out there, giving their best every day. You fuel our inspiration and are the heart of our success. Thank you, we’d be nothing without you!

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