The advantages of using ride-hailing as a mode of transport

January 19, 2023


The explosive growth of on-demand transport apps has fundamentally changed how we move. The past decade has seen the emergence of ride-hailing and pushed it firmly into the spotlight. Urban populations are rocketing and ride-hailing is becoming a primary mode of transport, with the potential to eliminate the need for personal vehicle ownership.

An Accenture study has shown that nearly two-thirds of US car owners who ride-hail would consider selling their personal vehicles within the next decade. In the UK, we found that 1 in 5 young car owners think owning a car is wasteful. Over half of the people surveyed believe having a car is useful for occasional access but wouldn’t depend on one.

Less private cars on the roads mean better cities. Another study made with transport consultant group Steer looked at the number of underused privately owned vehicles across 15 UK cities and found that 48,000 private vehicles could be realistically removed from the road to reduce congestion and carbon emissions. The equivalent of 50 football stadiums in parking spaces could be replaced with green spaces and 20,000 tonnes of carbon could be saved annually.

What is ride-hailing?

Ride-hailing refers to the act in which a customer uses an app to hire a personal driver to take them wherever they need to go. The vehicle is exclusive to the customer and is not shared with other passengers, nor does it make multiple stops (unless requested). It allows the customer to go from point A to point B without any detours along the way.

Why you should try ride-hailing

When the time comes to plan your next journey, here are some reasons why you should consider ride-hailing. 

Get more things done

Whether you’re on the way to a family get-together or returning to the office after a longer-than-expected business lunch, sometimes every minute counts.   

When you use a ride-hailing app to move around the city, the possibilities for increased productivity are endless! From the backseat you can sort through emails, make calls, or even take the opportunity to catch up on some beauty sleep — we’re not judging! 

An easy-to-use mode of transport 

When it comes to convenience, ride-hailing offers a number of advantages. Within minutes, ride-hailing app users can get a ride to their preferred location in a couple of taps. 

Whether you need a 3 a.m. ride to your hotel from the airport or a quick way of getting to your meeting on the other side of town, ride-hailing apps are the 24/7 option in your pocket. 

For business trips, Bolt Business can take the hassle out of time intensive expenses with easy-to-use expensing. 

Moving around in comfort 

Ride-hailing apps provide a safe and secure alternative when you need to move around. If you’re in the mood for more comfort and privacy, enjoy the convenience of a Bolt car with qualified drivers. Stretch out and relax — we’ve got you! 

For additional comfort, check out our Executive categories available in most UK cities to benefit from high quality cars on the platform with top-rated drivers. 

Download the Bolt app, order a ride in seconds, and get picked up in minutes!


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