Staying safe while riding with Bolt

October 08, 2021


It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned Bolt user or you’re yet to take your first trip, it’s always important to be aware of the tools and features that Bolt has to keep you safe. Please keep this information in mind whenever you use Bolt services in the UK.

Driver screening and identity checks

In order to drive with Bolt in the UK, drivers must possess a valid Private Hire Driver licence that meets the safety standards outlined by the licensing authority in which they serve.

Drivers wishing to access the Bolt platform go through various checks to ensure they are a licensed Private Hire Driver. Drivers personal Private Hire licence numbers are displayed under their driver profile in the app. 

Bolt performs random identity authentication checks on drivers when they use the Bolt platform. This requires drivers to submit a selfie in real-time to make sure that our registered drivers are the ones driving. Bolt does provide an option to report instances where the driver at the wheel is not the same as the one in the app, which would trigger an authentication process.

Share Ride Details

We’ve implemented a number of features designed to keep you safe while riding. 

Our Share Ride Details feature allows you to share your real-time trip progress with friends and/or family. They’ll be able to follow the car on a live map, as well as have access to the driver and car details in full.

Simply click on the “Share Ride Details” function to generate the shareable link and you can ride with some extra peace of mind. Additionally, all trip details are remotely tracked and recorded for every Bolt journey.

Safety Toolkit

If at any point during your journey you feel unsafe, please use the in-app emergency assist (SOS) button found in your Safety toolkit at the bottom of your screen. This will send a message to a Bolt Safety Specialist instantly who will contact you and notify the Police or Emergency Services.

24/7 incident support

Passengers can contact Bolt via phone (see city contact information below) or in the app to report safety incidents. These cases are immediately assigned to a dedicated Safety Specialist who will initiate an investigation. 

Each case is handled following Bolt’s safety protocols, which may see Bolt reporting the incident to the regulator as well as the police. Bolt fully assists the police in ongoing investigations

Fast, appropriate actions

Any driver who receives a serious safety-related complaint is suspended from Bolt’s platform and notified that there is an investigation taking place.

Bolt reserves the right to permanently suspend any driver or passenger from its platform if it suspects concerning behaviour or believes either party has violated its T&Cs.

Bolt expects both passengers and drivers to treat each other with respect at all times. Misconduct of either party towards the other will not be tolerated.

Rider Safety Guidelines 

We urge you to consider the following safety advice when using our services. Think of it as a pre-flight safety demonstration before you Bolt. 

  • Check the Bolt app and review the licence plate, make and model of the car coming to collect you — only enter the car if these match.
  • When getting into your Bolt ride ask your driver to confirm their name. If your driver is wearing a face-covering feel free to ask them to temporarily remove it to verify that their face matches the profile picture shown in the Bolt app. 
  • Confirm the destination of your Bolt ride, this ensures that you’ll get where you need to go and prevent any misunderstandings when the trip ends.
  • For added peace of mind, share your ride details with a friend or family member while in transit.
  • At the end of your journey please rate your driver. These ratings are recorded and monitored and give us invaluable information on how Bolt drivers are doing. If we notice any patterns or consistently poor feedback we will always act accordingly. Driver feedback helps the Bolt team establish a clear picture of a driver’s record driving if an incident were to arise.

If in doubt, please reach out!

We hope you found this information useful. However, if you still have any questions related to safety, please open the menu in the Bolt app and select the “Support” option to find the answers you are looking for.

If your question still isn’t answered, please find your city contact information and give us a call. We’re always here for you.


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