Searching for a car wash? Here’s a list of car valets in London

August 11, 2020

Searching for a place to hand wash your car? We’ve mapped out some car valets all over London, to help you find the one nearest to you.

The best car washes in London

American Carwash

H2O Car Valeting

Hand Car Wash London 

Remote Car Wash Services

Have a car wash service come to you instead! There are several options in London if an on-call car wash service is preferred. .

 car wash london

5 car wash tips for a spotless result

If you choose to wash your car yourself instead of getting it professionally done, here are 5 top tips. Sure, it sounds easy at first, but we’ve all seen the result of a car wash gone wrong. Here’s how to avoid going down that road.

Choose the right soap

Your dish soap smashed through grease on your pots and pans, but it’s absolutely not meant for washing your car. Worst-case scenarios include rubbing off the wax and/or damaging your vehicle’s paint job. Always use a soap that’s meant for a car wash, otherwise, your results may be more than a little underwhelming. These can be found in most shops where automotive goods are sold.

Use clean tools 

If you’re not sure what the sponge in your hand has been used for previously, don’t start cleaning your car with it! If it has even the tiniest bit of dirt or grime somewhere on/in it, you may just scratch the paint on your car. Ouch!

Car Wash

Use the right amount of water

A proper DYI car wash requires quite a lot of water, so have at least two buckets ready. To keep your sponge or cloth clean, rinse it regularly. After washing with soap, be sure to rinse your car with clean water.

Stick to the shade

You should never wash your car in direct sunlight. If the car is sat in the sun everything will dry too quickly and that will leave water spots all over the paint and glass. If possible, choose a day with cloudy weather or find some shade or overhead cover to wash in.

Don’t forget to dry your car

After a proper car wash, you should always dry it to avoid leaving spots and smears. Choose a clean towel that’s not abrasive, you don’t want to ruin the paint job. A microfibre cloth is perfect for this.

Car wash done? Now hit the road!

Let’s be honest, it feels really good to take your steel horse out for a spin after it’s been cleaned.

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