Miss London? Here’s your chance to visit your favourite places from your living room

February 05, 2021


Fancy an away day at one of London’s cultural institutions? We’ve put together a comprehensive list of some of London’s best museums & sights for you to view safely from home.

Does every day feel like Groundhog Day?

We feel you. While we find ourselves in the midst of our third national lockdown, you’ve likely exhausted every activity you can think of.

You’ve baked 10 different recipes of banana bread with questionable results. You’ve KonMari’ed your closet 100 times. And you’ve invented a new game which involves your dog and potentially found a newfound career in interior design.

Regardless, you are probably a little tired of doing the same things again and again. Maybe you miss the hustle and bustle of central London as it used to be? How long has it been since you’ve been able to visit your favourite sites, museums & galleries? Well, today we’d like to share with you how to visit some of London’s most interesting places safely from the comfort of your flat.

 Visit London virtually

Museums of London Virtual Experiences

The British MuseumRome (see what we did there) the virtual halls of one of the most impressive museum collections in the world.

The TateVisit their website for virtual events and activities to experience from home.

National Portrait Museum  – Take a clickable stroll through the Virtual Gallery Rooms from Tudor to Victorian-era collections, you’ll feel like you have the place to yourself.

Natural History MuseumCatch up on hundreds of millions of years and explore their 14 suggested exhibitions that you can view from home. Audio guides are available and narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

The CourtauldAnother fully immersive art gallery experience featuring some of the world’s most famous artists including Vincent van Gogh.

Science Museum A variety of collections and exhibits are viewable via Google Street Views, a virtual museum experience which is out of this world!

London Transport Museum Take a guided Zoom tour of TfL’s since abandoned stations at Holborn (Kingsway), King William Street & Brompton Road, note that this is a paid activity. Get access to a part of London very few people get to see!

 Best London museums to view online

Check on your favourite landmarks & sights

London is massive and with only essential travel advised at this time, it can be difficult to cover a lot of ground. Don’t worry, we’ve also gathered a list of some of the Bolt team’s suggested virtual landmarks and webcams.

Buckingham Palace –  Step inside the gates of the palace and go at your own pace.

Tower of LondonLondon’s most visited landmark without the crowds and selfie-sticks.

Kew Gardens Technically this activity is not virtual but you can still visit with a pre-booked ticket if you live nearby.

Visit LondonViewing the London skyline and watching the weather roll in your cup of tea? Then head to the Visit London website, you’ll get your fix of interesting perspectives and views.

ZSL London Zoo Check out the London Zoo’s website for a collection of interesting videos and frequently added live streams.

When you need a ride, take Bolt.

So there you have it, admittedly nothing will ever replace visiting these magnificent locations in person, hopefully, we were able to help you burn a few hours of boredom away. Perhaps you can start to think about the places you’d like to visit the most when lockdown ends. Bolt will be ready when it is time. Until then please continue to only use Bolt for essential journeys.

Stay safe!download the bolt app


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