Make more money navigating through the biggest events this summer

July 09, 2019

biggest events this summer, london

Upcoming summer is packed with different events and city festivals that bring in the big crowd. A big crowd requesting rides, that is. So, a formula of knowing where and when to drive can help you make more money behind the wheel. Here are some tips for this case exactly.

You cannot build a strong house without a solid base. So first, the must-knows.

The average weekly earnings figure of a full-time Bolt driver in London is over £1,800. It’s a very decent salary, but be aware that you can significantly increase this number further by:

1) taking full advantage of Bolt’s bonuses and campaigns

2) following some great tips from our experienced top drivers


3) navigating wisely through big city events and festivals

Number one ☝️ is covered in How much can you earn as a Bolt driver in London?. Take a look and find out everything you need to know about the numbers.

So, let’s follow with some pro tips. From drivers to drivers.

Tip #1: learn to optimise your time

All Bolt drivers make money by working on their own terms – no pre-set schedule, no minimum hours and the one in charge is the one looking back at you in the mirror. This creates an opportunity to be smart and effective with your daily time management.

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If you wish to follow the lead of top-earning Bolt drivers, add terms like peak times, city hotspots and back-to-back to your work vocabulary.

Peak times 

The number of people using ride-hailing for their daily commute is on the rise. Moving around town in a quick and cheap manner, while saving on parking costs, is highly valued by nine-to-fivers.

Follow the lead of Bolt’s top drivers and be online during morning and evening rush hours. This is a great way to make more money in a simple manner. And while you’re at it …

… make sure back-to-back rides is turned on.

The best way to optimise your fuel costs, reduce waiting time and maximise your online time is by keeping the back-to-back function on.

Back-to-back allows you to receive an incoming trip request while you’re on order and driving towards the set destination. When you complete the trip, you can proceed to the new pick-up location, which is close to the previous destination, right away.


From your Bolt Driver app, you can see where the demand for trips is increasing and where the areas with slower traffic are located. Areas buzzing with life are the places to make money as a driver. More people = more ride requests.

Tip #2: get to know the town

Putting the Bolt Driver app to its full use with the tips and features listed above is one half of the apple.

The other half consists of your own know-how for picking routes and locations. This type of expertise mostly comes with time and experience, but our top drivers have a very simple suggestion for you to follow:

Tip #3: go where the people go

If you’re unsure about where people actually like to spend their time, you can have a look at the recommended places for driving here.

Upcoming months are a popular time for concerts, city festivals and all sorts of other urban gatherings. For you, this means more income as people tend to leave their cars at home when going out.

OK but, where then?

biggest summer events 2019

To give you a heads-up and make it easier to navigate through all of what’s going on in the upcoming months, we’ve mapped some of the biggest and most important events.

Knowing about who, when and where is nice, but …

… How to make these festivals and events beneficial for you as a Bolt driver?

Here’s how.

Early bird takes the worm

For example, when the event starts at 7 pm, go online already at 6 pm the latest. This way you will receive more ride requests – from the ones going to the venue early and the late-minute rushers.

Don’t wait till the end

Everyone won’t stay till the last clap and curtain fall. Some want to outsmart coatroom’s long queues by leaving a few minutes before the end. And of course, there are those who discover it’s not for them mid-way through the event.

After taking a small break, go online when the event is starting to come to an end. Stay near the venue and you’ll catch the ones sneaking out early.

Catch the late-nighters

It’s very common that people want to prolong their nice evening with some drinks and a chat. You can catch these late night fun lovers in city centre restaurants, bars and lounges. A quick ride home will be the cherry on top for their already nice evening.

Contact your passenger

The crowd visiting these type of big events is not 100% local. Contact your passenger when you have waited for them for a few minutes. Maybe they’re not sure where to wait for you, maybe they’re still inside. Let them know that you have arrived. And talking about arriving, when you do…

… be visible

To avoid the “where are you, I can’t see you” calls, be visible. Don’t hide behind a fence or park 200 metres away from the venue. Make sure your license plate has the same numbers as shown in the app. Add a profile image. Go as close as you can to the venue and if possible, park at an area meant for picking up or dropping off passengers.

5 key takeaways

  • Bolt Driver app is built to benefit you, take advantage of the features like back-to-back rides and city heat map to optimise your work
  • Learn to manage your driving time and location wisely – rush hours & crowded events increase the number of ride requests and therefore give you an opportunity to make more money
  • Know what’s going on in the city – keeping an eye on the news and event calendars gives you insight when and where something big is happening
  • And when talking about big events ☝️, it’s worth being online a bit before and after they take place – there are people going to the venue early and people going home late
  • Make sure all your information is up to date – license plate number in the app should be the one on your car and your profile image recently taken, this way you’re recognisable

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