Lucky Mercedes winner: I will definitely continue driving with Bolt

September 13, 2019

Lucky Mercedes winner: I will definitely continue driving with Bolt

Imagine picking up your phone and hearing someone tell you that you just won a car. A brand new, shiny hybrid Mercedes, with leather seats and everything. Wow. Now imagine winning it just for doing your job. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, for one lucky Bolt driver this wasn’t a dream. Read on to find out how it all went down.

In July, we decided to organise a giveaway for our amazing drivers in London. The prize? A brand new hybrid Mercedes E-Class Power — the definition of luxury in the Oxford English dictionary. If you wish to find out more details, head here.

Is this a joke?!

“Hello, I’m calling from Bolt.”

It may not sound like something very inspiring and life-changing, but for Bolt driver Antanyjeyarathnam Thangarasa it was the start of something new and very exciting. He was about to receive a very big surprise — he’d won a Mercedes.

After a few minutes of not believing his ears (… hey, can you really blame him?), Antanyjeyarathnam couldn’t hide his excitement. Right after double-checking that he really was the lucky winner from our Facebook page, he called his wife and shared the news. It was a dream come true for the whole family.

A driver for life

Antanyjeyarathnam has been rolling around the streets of London for several years now. After a recommendation from a friend, he decided to start driving with Bolt. Thanks to a lower commission, daily bonuses and steady flow of customers, his earnings are more than sufficient to provide for his family. Now there’s no need to switch between apps and his days are filled with meeting new people and giving them a helping hand getting around town.

Lucky Mercedes winner: I will definitely continue driving with Bolt

If you’re interested in the pay numbers of Bolt drivers in London, check this out

“I will definitely continue driving with Bolt!” Antanyjeyarathnam said happily, after receiving the keys to his brand new car. To celebrate, he will take his loved ones to one of his favourite places in West Sussex, a nice beach in West Wittering, perfect for a Sunday barbeque with friends and family.

Time to join the Bolt family

If this story got your blood flowing and you’d like to sign up as a Bolt driver as well, just fill in an application. You’ll be rolling around the streets of London in no time! Or, if you wish to read more, here are two stories about our great drivers named Dafina and Zsolt. What a family!

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