Kia e-Niro winner Raimonds: I can’t believe I’ve won!

August 02, 2021

Bolt driver Raimonds winner Kia of the Kia eNiro

Being lucky usually means getting the perfect parking space on a busy night, or finding £5 on the ground. It doesn’t usually involve winning a brand new car! But one July afternoon, Raimonds’ definition of luck changed when he got a call from the Bolt team to inform him that he’d won a Kia e-Niro.

“I don’t believe it!”

“It’s true Raimonds, you’ve won a brand new car!”

It took some serious convincing to let Raimonds know he’d won a brand new, fully electric car. After all, it’s not every day you get that kind of phone call. And a few calls later, Raimonds was ready to visit the Bolt Hub to collect his keys.

That’s where we got to know Raimonds a little better — he’s originally from Latvia, but has lived in London for 12 years. And he’s a seasoned veteran who’s been driving with Bolt since summer 2019. 

Switching to zero emissions 

Before winning the Kia, Raimonds drove a Mitsubishi plug-in hybrid — so was familiar with charging. But with the Kia e-Niro, he’ll be making the complete switch to fully electric rides. 
Equipped with a 64-kilowatt battery, Raimonds will be rolling around the streets of London with more than 250 miles of range when fully charged. And as an electric car driver, he’ll only pay 10% commission driving with Bolt and won’t need to pay the Congestion Charge — talk about a win-win!

Thinking about driving with Bolt?

If there’s one thing we like, then it’s giveaways for Bolt drivers. In 2019, we gave away a Mercedes E-Class to another lucky driver. In addition to making money, driving should be exciting and giveaways are another great benefit of driving with Bolt. You never know if it might be your lucky day!

If this story excites you — and you’re a private hire driver in London — we’d love to hear from you. Fill out your Bolt application today!

Check out the following recap of Raimonds’ delivery at the Bolt Hub below!

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