Give the gift of mobility to The Bike Project with Bolt

December 01, 2022


Earlier this year, we announced the start of a special partnership with The Bike Project. A unique charity which takes in second-hand bikes, refurbishes them, and donates them to refugees and asylum seekers. When that announcement was made, we committed to supporting The Bike Project in three main ways: 

  • Bolt Bike Hubs — turning our driver hub locations into bike drop-off sites. Bolt driver hubs act as additional collection points for The Bike Project’s donation network. Have a bike you no longer need? Bring it to one of our hubs. 
  1. Bolt Chiswick:  114 Power Road, London W4 5PY, from Monday till Friday, from 10 am – 4pm. 
  2. Bolt Birmingham:  22 Gas Street, Birmingham B1 2JT, on Wednesday and Thursday only between 12 – 4pm. 
  3. Bolt Manchester:  City View House 5 Union Street Manchester M12 4JD, on Wednesday and Thursday only between 12-4pm. 

All bikes must be pre-registered via the Bike Project website. You can also find additional drop-off points if another location suits you better.

  • Help and support — offering those who have received ‘right to remain’ access to training and qualifications so they can consider driving with Bolt or seek employment for one of our many open roles
  • Fundraising — Lastly, with access to millions of customers in the UK, we’re excited to feature in-app donation opportunities to raise funds and awareness for the mobility charity.

Just in time for the holidays, we’re pleased to announce an in-app fundraiser for The Bike Project’s Christmas Appeal

How will Bolt’s fundraising work?

The Bike Project with Bolt is a unique category in our app, just like a standard Bolt trip. The only difference is that your trip will include an extra 50p cost which is given to The Bike Project as a direct donation. Select The Bike Project category, and a uniquely branded car will appear on your screen to take you on your merry way. 

For Bolt drivers – your trips are priced just like normal Bolt trips. The 50p addition will not come from driver earnings. The new category will be available in the Bolt app in London from the 1st – 5th of December 2022.

Your contributions will have an immediate impact on providing cycling-themed gifts for refugees. These include safety kits, cycling lessons and bikes for refugees and their families.

Keen to learn more about the Bike Project or considering a new volunteer opportunity? You can learn all about their initiatives by visiting The Bike Project website. Thanks in advance for your support and for providing the gift of mobility during the festive season.

The Bike Project Category Terms and Conditions

When you confirm a ride in the Bolt App, you may elect to add a charitable donation of 50p on top of the Fare for your ride (minus applicable taxes) by electing the ‘The Bike Project’ during this Campaign. This is a category list clicked on within the Bolt App, which includes the 50p donation in the cost of your ride Fare when selected. The Fare pricing itself will remain unchanged. On completion of your ride, this 50p will then be donated to the Project, to assist its mission of making mobility more accessible to the United Kingdom’s refugee community.

  • The Campaign will be available to users on the Bolt App when rides are accepted by Bolt Drivers in London between 13:00 BST, 1st December 2022 to 13:00 BST, 5th December 2022.
  • Read the full Terms and Conditions here.
  • For any questions about the Campaign, please contact Bolt directly via in-app messages or by calling +44 808 169 8818.


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