Five tips and tricks for saving money this summer by travel expert Chelsea Dickenson

August 09, 2022


It looks like Brits need a holiday now more than ever. After all, joint research by Bolt and OnePoll revealed that 50% of UK holidaymakers haven’t been abroad since before the pandemic began. 

But with the cost of living crisis hitting finances hard, only 1 in 10 Brits say they’ll be more frivolous with holiday budgets this summer. The majority will be looking for economical ways to make their budgets stretch.

The study found that 49% of UK holidaymakers pack lightly to avoid additional luggage costs, 43% buy sunscreen from a £1 shop, and 45% choose self-catered accommodation to reduce expenses. 37% of respondents even suggested they’d be happy to forgo a fancy restaurant and get a takeaway instead.

Saving on transport 

Interestingly, 40% of respondents said they’d look at alternative modes of transport to avoid the hike in both car hire and petrol costs. 

For those looking to cut transport costs, 36% said they’d use ride-hailing apps, 34% electric scooters, and 59% would walk.

How to save money this summer 

With cost-cutting clearly high on the agenda, we asked travel expert Chelsea Dickenson from @cheapholidayexp for her top tips and tricks to save money this summer: 

  1. Use ride-hailing apps — “Airport taxis can often be one of the most expensive ways of getting to your accommodation, so I always research if ride-hailing apps like Bolt are available at my destination. It removes the anxiety around being overcharged as you’re told in advance what you can expect to pay, and they’ll simply charge the card on your profile — meaning no faff and no need to find local currency as soon as you land. 
  1. Save money on your luggage — “A recent hack I showcased to save money on luggage (by using a neck pillow full of extra clothing!) has been watched over 4 million times, so people are definitely looking to try something new to save the pennies.”
  1. Try something new — “People used to booking the same holiday every year are finding a big difference between current and pre-pandemic prices. However, this doesn’t mean they should give up on the hope of a holiday. Instead, you should use this as a chance to try something new — be that a destination, a transport type, or even food and drink whilst you’re away.”
  1. Focus on cheap accommodation — “I’ve seen a huge increase in the number of questions I receive around saving money — particularly about cheap flights. However, I always tell people to focus on cheap accommodation and daily costs to get a great value getaway that won’t cost a fortune after you’ve booked the flight.”
  1. Order like a local — “If you want to save money but still want to enjoy the food, independent eateries are often available on food delivery apps like Bolt. So why not order in like a local instead? And if you don’t have the space in your accommodation, why not take your meal to your closest green space or beach to tick off another experience at the same time?!”

For more tips and tricks this summer, head to Chelsea’s Instagram account.

Go Bolt this summer

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