Earn up to a £6,000 bonus for driving during the busy holiday season!

December 06, 2021


Do you currently drive with Bolt? Are you a private hire driver in London? Do you want to earn up to £6,000 in cash bonuses? It’s safe to assume you probably nodded three times reading this. 

We’re heading into the busy holiday season. Ugly Christmas jumpers are dusted off, Oxford Street is buzzing and office Christmas parties make weeknights busier than usual.  To cap everything off, New Year’s Eve is always one of the busiest nights of the year for London drivers. Basically, there’s a lot happening this month which is why we want to help you finish the year strong and set 2022 to be your best year yet!

Complete 250 trips from today for a chance to earn a big cash bonus!

From (12:00 6th December 2021) to (23:59 31st December 2021) if you complete 250 trips you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a very special cash bonus. You could win up to £6,000 when you complete 350 trips or more. There are 3 cash bonuses which you could possibly earn! Eligibility for cash prizes varies from the start date above and is based on the number of Bolt trips you complete starting with 250 trips completed. See below to familiarise yourself with what you could earn by taking as many trips with Bolt as possible for the remainder of the month. 

The more trips you complete the more you could earn (limited to 1 prize per person). Winners will be randomly selected and notified from 5th January 2022, if they qualify. We look forward to awarding 9 lucky drivers in the New Year!

Full terms and conditions for the draw can be found here.

Thinking about driving with Bolt?

If your New Year’s Resolution is to earn more money, driving with Bolt is a great place to start. When you sign up before the end of the year and complete the competition criteria you’ll also be eligible for a big cash bonus, not a bad way to ring in the New Year, right?


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