8 essential drivers of employee engagement

April 26, 2022

Engaged employees in an office working around one desk

Taking steps to connect your employees with the company will boost morale, performance, and productivity. 

It may sound simple but only 41% of employees feel engaged in the workplace. This means that the vast majority of workers don’t feel any attachment to their work.

It’s up to employers to consider the drivers of employee engagement to create a working environment where everyone can deliver their best work. And that’s where we can help.

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is a way of measuring the commitment, motivation, and enthusiasm of your team. The most engaged employees will be ‘brand advocates’ who intend to continue working at the company for a long time. 

As you might expect, employees are most engaged during their first few months at a company. After only two years, their engagement levels begin to drop.

Graph showing average employee engagement over time

Source: Peakon

From two years onwards, employee engagement and disengagement levels are similar. That’s a lot of working time where employee morale is suffering. 

It’s in the best interests of companies to motivate employees so that they’re more engaged. This will help to improve team morale and productivity as a happy workforce is 20% more productive

Now let’s get into how you can boost employee engagement at your company. 

8 key drivers of employee engagement

Employees are motivated in different ways. This means you should consider various drivers of employee engagement to take your company in the right direction. These are eight proven methods:

  • Create a culture driven by a mission;
  • Build a healthy work environment;
  • Support hybrid working;
  • Fund personal development;
  • Promote strong internal communication;
  • Provide top-down transparency;
  • Recognise good work;
  • Offer opportunities to travel. 

Create a culture driven by a mission

Having a mission statement is a great way to keep your employees engaged. A clear mission also helps with hiring staff. It’s so important that 44% of millennials aim to work for a company that shares their values, according to a survey by Deloitte

At Bolt, we’re on a mission to build cities for people, not cars. It’s a mission that every team member supports and is motivated to achieve. Having this shared goal helps to keep everyone engaged with the company. 

Build a healthy work environment

Employees spend a lot of their time in the office. This is why it’s important to make them feel comfortable while they’re there. These actions can all help to create a healthy office environment: 

  • Provide healthy snacks;
  • Support flexible working;
  • Create comfortable workspaces.

Taking these steps to promote a healthy work environment will make your team proud to work for your company — not only boosting engagement but retention too. 

Support remote working

Every employee is different. Some want to work from the office at all times, while others benefit from being able to work from home. 

Giving your employees the flexibility to work from home is a simple way to increase engagement. You may think that being out of the office would have the opposite effect, but you’re giving your team a way to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Fund personal development

Employees want to grow in their roles. Yet many individuals can’t reach their full potential — and this impacts engagement levels over time. It’s up to employers to actively give team members opportunities to develop and progress.

During the interview process, employers often state that there will be chances to progress further down the line. But this doesn’t always end up being the case. And it can be a major factor in why employee engagement drops after two years at a company. 

Development isn’t all about progression, though. Creating a work environment where learning is encouraged gives your team room to grow, and that naturally leads to engagement. To do this, pay for employees to go on training courses, attend conferences, or invest in some books.

Top-down transparency

It costs nothing to create a transparent workplace. Yet the trust it builds between management and employees will do a lot for engagement. To do that, be open with your team about the performance of the company — regular company meetings are a great way to do this. 

Remember: it’s important to always be clear about which information is only for internal use. 

Strong internal communication

The key to high engagement is communication. And with hybrid working, it’s more important than ever. Otherwise, remote workers could be left feeling isolated.

To improve your internal communication, it’s important to: 

  • Open up a two-way dialogue with employees;
  • Send out regular employee surveys;
  • Invest in communication tools.

Internal communication is also one of the most important tools to engage remote employees. This will also help to shorten response times when there’s an issue. 


Rewarding your employees for their efforts and achievements is one of the best ways to increase employee engagement. 

Speaking with individuals and recognising their achievements will motivate them to carry on doing what they do best. This is one reason why regular one-to-ones are a good idea. You can also take a moment to share good work with the rest of the team in meetings or with a message.  

If your team’s working towards set goals or targets then a bonus or additional perks can increase motivation. 

One such perk could be trips with Bolt. With a Bolt Business Team Account, you can add employees and pay for their work rides. 

As an admin, you have full control over how and when they travel, as well as how much they spend. Recognising their good work with extra credit can boost engagement. 

The opportunity to travel

Giving your team the opportunity to get out of the office (or home office) is on of the key drivers of employee engagement. It’s often viewed as a job perk and can do a lot to boost happiness, productivity, and engagement. 

Travel is so important to workers that many would be willing to take a lower-paying job, and 39% of millennials would turn down a job that didn’t have travel opportunities. That’s a significant number when you consider that millennials now make up the largest section of the global workforce.

As an employer, you can make it easy for your team to travel for work with Bolt Business. 

Drive employee engagement with Bolt Business

Travel is one of the best ways to increase employee engagement. And whether your team needs to travel for work, or you want to reward them with travel perks, you can get it all with Bolt Business.  

Plus, all Bolt rides in Europe are carbon-neutral. And a company doing its bit for the planet is one of the biggest drivers of employee engagement.  

Join Bolt Business today to boost employee engagement.

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