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Meet the inspiring and hard-working people taking the wheel on your Bolt ride.

Meet our Bolt drivers Ann

Bolt Driver Ann: I am excited when my phone goes green

March 31, 2021

Meet our Bolt drivers Suzanne 2

Bolt driver Suzanne: I always think about everybody as a VIP

March 26, 2021

Bolt Driver Alexandra

Bolt driver Alexandra: We’re just as qualified as everyone else

March 19, 2021

Meet our Bolt drivers

Bolt driver Beata: I knew the brand of every car that passed at one and a half years old

March 12, 2021

Bolt Driver awayday! Racing V8 AMGs at the Brookland racetrack

Bolt Driver awayday! Racing V8 AMGs at the Brooklands racetrack

March 11, 2020

bolt driver dafina, meet bolt london drivers

Bolt driver Dafina: I work when it suits me best

September 12, 2019

bolt driver stories, meet claudia

Bolt driver Claudia: being 100% in charge of my schedule gives me freedom

September 05, 2019

Bolt driver Arsalan

Bolt driver Arsalan: life’s too short to spend it looking back

August 29, 2019

bolt driver zsolt, sign up as bolt driver

Bolt driver Zsolt: I’m fully in charge of where and when I work

August 22, 2019