Bolt raises £51,000 for London’s Air Ambulance Charity

September 17, 2021


After three exciting weeks featuring the Bolt Helicopter in London, our first mission with London’s Air Ambulance Charity has come to a close. 

The helicopter that got TikTok buzzing

The kick-off to our official corporate partnership* with London’s Air Ambulance Charity has been a rousing success. From 25th August to 12th September, we featured a unique and eyebrow-raising ride-type in the Bolt app. A majestic Helicopter (… yeah, not *literally* a helicopter) ride-type was available to help you move around London. This resulted in a variety of amusing and humourous TikToks from the public and even encouraged us to step up our TikTok game. Seriously, we have no idea what we are doing there.

A week’s worth of missions covered

Through a combination of funds raised from 50p being donated from each Bolt Helicopter ride and an additional contribution from Bolt, we’ve been able to successfully raise £51,000 in less than 3 weeks! This amount raised will cover about a week’s worth of lifesaving work done by London’s Air Ambulance. 

It’s been exciting to use Bolt’s technology to help bring the community together and keep London’s Air Ambulance ready for its next mission. Be it a helicopter by day or a rapid response vehicle at night, they have our backs 24/7. If you’d like to learn more about London’s Air Ambulance Charity or would like to make an additional donation beyond using the Bolt Helicopter ride-type you can visit their giving page featured here

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*Bolt is an official corporate partner and sponsor of London’s Air Ambulance (2021-22), supporting their lifesaving work with fundraising activities and staff engagement.

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