Bolt launches its first ever mission merch collection

December 22, 2021

bolt merch

We’re on a mission to build cities for people, not private cars.

And since every mission requires a uniform, we designed ours — a collection of comfy apparel and helpful accessories to live a greener, car-free lifestyle.

Inspiration from ‘modern’ cities

The inspiration for our first ever merch collection came from the eerie feeling we got after taking a closer look at our car-centric cities. 

Cities with wide roads for cars and narrow pavements for people. Cities with huge concrete car parks and tiny green parks. Yes, the very same cities where private cars spend 95% of the day doing nothing. Cars first, people second type-of-cities. And there’s a high chance that you’re reading this from such a city.

The collection was designed in-house by Bolt’s brand team. 

Designer Alex shared the source of her designs — “I was inspired by the thoughts that usually run through my head when I cycle past a huge crawling traffic jam. I feel ‘Young, Wild and Car-free’ and they’re stressed, moving slowly and probably late.”

“Stop Carmageddon was a natural choice because Armageddon is our Head of Brand’s favourite holiday movie,” adds Liisa, Creative Strategist.

Getting our hands dirty, literally

In addition to the liberating car-free life slogans, the collection presents styles designed for planting. 

Whether it’s trees in the forest, bushes in the park, or greenery on your balcony, we’ve got the tools to help turn our cities green. 

And since a predictable (and kind of annoying) outcome of planting is getting your clothes dirty, we’ve pre-dirtied the apparel for undisturbed soil-digging.

Supporting your green, car-free life one shovel and rain cape at a time

The accessory collection includes items to make a car-free, tree-planting life easier for you: a Bolt branded bike light, rain poncho, bottle holder, reflective bumbag, gardening gloves and tools, watering can, pots of greens and more. 

And since we’re talking about turning things green, the apparel comes from factories with several sustainability credentials like EVE VEGAN®, Global Organic Textile Standard, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® and OCS Blended – Organic Content Standard.

We’re gifting the merch to Bolt followers through multiple Instagram giveaways throughout December 2021 and January 2022. Check out our Instagram page @bolt_uk.

10 real-life scenarios for wearing Bolt mission merch 

1. When the doctor hasn’t officially diagnosed you, but you’re pretty sure you’re allergic to traffic — the Stop Carmageddon crewneck is for you.

2. When you bought 34 different ingredients but forgot basil — our CO2 neutralising pack of greens is for you.

3. When you or your plants look thirsty — the Bolt watering can is for you.

4. When you’re heading to the market with that main character energy — the Bolt Market bag is for you.

5. When you woke up from a nightmare of failing your driving test. But you’re 32. And you never took the exam. The ‘99 problems but parallel parking ain’t one’ t-shirt is for you.

6. When friends only tag you in crazy plant lady content — the Soildigger crew is for you.

7. When the only thing holding you back from becoming Macgyver is a convenient bag to hold your tools — the reflective Bolt bum bag is for you.

8. When you treat your cycle commute like you’re in the Tour De France — the Bolt bike light is for you.

9. When you’re not mentally prepared to pay for an oil change or a ‘funny noise’ — the Young, Wild and Car-free shirt is for you.

10. When you’re trying to excel in your career, maintain a social life, exercise, text everyone back, and drink enough water, but the latter isn’t happening — the Bolt water bottle holder is for you.

Photography: Kertin Vasser
Set Design: Veera Gontsugova
MUA: Mari-Ly Kapp

Styling: Bolt
Models: Star System & Icon Agency


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