Bolt is partnering with Forest Green Rovers Football Club!

June 09, 2022


If you follow the English football scene, you probably know a thing or two about Forest Green Rovers

They’re good at football and laser-focused on their environmental impact. It’s a winning combination which has just seen the club awarded promotion to League One. We’re excited to partner with Forest Green Rovers as a back of kit partner for the 2022/2023 season.

A football club that walks the walk

Forest Green isn’t your conventional team. Sure, it has a thriving fan following, catchy chants, and a rich history as a 133-year-old club. However, after visiting Nailsworth for a match, you’ll realise that everything is a little… different — in the best possible way! 

Forest Green is out to redefine stadium eats. You won’t find traditional burgers or sausage rolls in the food stands — you’ll find delicious vegan alternatives. The milk for coffee and tea is non-dairy, and all players eat a vegan diet while playing for Forest Green Rovers.

All electricity for the stadium grounds comes from renewable sources, with 20-25% generated from solar panels situated around the pitch and the remainder coming from added renewables. The pitch collects rainwater, which is filtered into a storage tank and reused to maintain the grounds.

Even the kit takes environmental considerations into play — the iconic electrified green and black zebra pattern kits are made from recycled plastics and coffee beans. And these initiatives are just the tip of the iceberg. 

As a result, Forest Green Rovers is the greenest football club in the world. This isn’t hyperbole — it’s an accreditation recognised by the United Nations.

Why are we partnering with Forest Green Rovers?

Simply put, Forest Green’s actions inspire us. 

Both Forest Green and Bolt share humble beginnings and are growing rapidly. Our mission is to fight for better cities and against private cars. This is only achievable if we put our communities’ well-being at the forefront of our decision making. 

By encouraging people to drive less — by using scooters and e-bikes or walking when possible — cities can improve over time. In cities where Bolt e-scooters are available, we’re finding that 60% of users are willing to use scooters or bikes for shorter trips

Our commitment to Forest Green fans

We can’t wait to work with the Gloucestershire communities and fans from all over the UK. 

Since Forest Green is now a League One team, we’ll be ready to offer Bolt rides to and from matches in 10+ cities around the UK

Although Bolt isn’t available in Nailsworth or Stroud, we’re planning fan engagement activities in preparation for the 2022/2023 season. Watch this space, and we’ll see you at kickoff in a few months!

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