Bolt is now available in Sheffield and Nottingham

August 25, 2021

Bolt in Sheffield and Nottingham

Good news! You can now get a Bolt car in two new cities as we expand our services to more places in the UK

Residents and visitors can now order affordable and fast rides in just a couple of taps! If you usually rely on a car to cover short distances, then keep reading. 

Bolt is a mobility app designed to help you consider better ways to move around the city. Here’s how…

Fast and affordable rides

Before launching in a new city, we always make sure we have plenty of friendly drivers ready to take you where you need to go. 

That way, whenever you need a ride, a Bolt driver will only be a few minutes away. We even pay drivers more money than the city driver average. And as the saying goes — ‘happy drivers equals happy passengers’. 

Plus, as a Bolt rider, you’ll regularly receive promo codes via email or in-app notifications. How is this possible, you might ask? Well, we’re smart with our money which means we pass on our savings to help you move more affordably. Talk about a win-win!

Also, if promo codes are your kind of thing, keep reading for a little Easter egg located below…

Here to serve the community

Cities are important, but so are the green spaces that surround them. In addition to making urban transport easier, we’ve also teamed up with the Sherwood Forest Trust as an official partner. We’re supporting the Trust’s mission to champion the preservation, conservation, and economic development of the Sherwood Forest area.

As part of this mission, we’re going to plant a tree in the Strawberry Hill area of Sherwood Forest for every ride taken in the two cities in our first month of operating (up to 3,000, until September 26th).

We’ll plant trees from October onwards, with the company facilitating tree planting days in the local community in due course. We also invest in carbon offsetting projects globally as part of our Green Plan to make all European Bolt rides 100% carbon neutral.

Tap now to Bolt!

Heading to Hockley for a night out? Some retail therapy at Meadowhall? Or perhaps you just need to be on campus sharpish?

Whatever the occasion, choose Bolt and see why it’s the smartest way to move around these great cities.

P.S. If you’re still reading this, then congratulations! Here’s a promo code for £8 off your upcoming Bolt ride: EKPZOFB. Offer valid for the first 100 uses in any UK city where Bolt operates — promo codes are valid until 31/12/21. Promo codes are activated on a first-use basis — entering a code and saving it for later does not guarantee redemption. Bolt’s Passenger Terms Of Use also apply. If you are still reading this here’s another code XEIMYDK. 

Move with Bolt!


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