Bolt is making changes to its business model in the UK

July 18, 2022


We’re changing our Terms and Conditions to reflect that Bolt will soon become the principal transport provider to passengers in the UK. We’re also updating our Privacy Notice as a result. The changes will come into effect on 1st August 2022

These are the main changes you can expect as a Bolt driver:

  • Bolt will contract directly with passengers to provide transport. This means that passengers will pay Bolt directly, and Bolt will then pay you (the driver) for completing the journey. The following visual below explains how our business model will function from 1st August 2022:
  • You will contract with Bolt to fulfil journeys on Bolt’s behalf. Bolt will pay you a ‘Journey Fee’, which you’ll see in your app.

These changes will not impact how you use the app. You will also still be able to log in whenever you like and are free to decline any journeys you don’t wish to do. Bolt will continue to be the best app to maximise your driver earnings – stay tuned for more campaigns and feature announcements in the future.

We understand that you may have questions about these upcoming changes, which is why we’ve added some FAQs for additional context.

Driver FAQs

  • Why is Bolt making these changes?
    • The High Court ruled in December 2021 that operators like Bolt, rather than drivers, must be the principal transport provider for private hire journeys in London. Bolt is adopting this approach across the UK.
  • What do these changes mean?
    • In reality, there will be few practical changes. Bolt will continue to allocate journeys to drivers who are free to confirm or reject them.
    • You will notice changes to your invoices since Bolt is receiving the payment and then paying you, rather than the passenger paying you and Bolt applying a commission. 
    • You will clearly see your up-front, take home pay from Bolt after all deductions have been made.
  • Where do these changes apply?
    • These changes will apply to all Bolt drivers in the UK.
  • What if I don’t agree with these changes?
    • If you do not accept these changes, you can terminate your contract with Bolt at any time by contacting us at
  • How is commission affected?
    • Bolt will no longer take a commission as Bolt is paying you directly for servicing the journey. 
    • You will be shown how much Bolt will pay you for completing the journey on the confirmation screen.
  • Will this affect my current employment status?
    • No, Bolt will still treat you as self-employed and any tax obligations you have will remain your responsibility.
  • Will these changes impact road, congestion, or airport fees?
    • No, the change in Bolt’s model will not impact existing fees.
  • Will this affect any other charges on the Bolt platform, i.e., cancellation or wait times?
    • No, the change in Bolt’s model will not impact existing charges.

Should you have any further questions, please email us at or give us a call via your city phone number

Alternatively, look out for one of our upcoming driver forums where you can discuss the changes in person.


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